Diablo 2 Voice Actors

Diablo 2 Voice Actors

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This is a collection of other credits from the various voice actors featured in Diablo 2. Some of the more amusing ones include Lamar from the 'Revenge of the Nerds' movies is actually the voice of the Paladin and the rugged Druid is voiced the same actor who did the voices for several Smurfs and a couple of the parents from the cartoon Rug Rats.

Larry B Scott - Paladin

Carrie Gordon - Assassin

Michael Bell - Druid/Nihlathak

Rebecca Lowman - Anya

Lani Minella - Andariel, Blood Raven, Malah, Ancients

Kai Vilhelmsen - Larzuk

Jonathan Stark - Qual-Kehk/Ancients

Ed Trotta - Tyreal, Izual, Ancients

Paul Hagerty - Qual-Kehk's Men

Liana Young - Sorceress

Michael McConnohie - Necromancer, Warriv

Jessica Straus - Amazon

David Jean Thomas - Barbarian

Michael Gough - Deckard Cain

Richard Barnes - Baal

Eve Brent - Akara

Paul Eiding - Mephisto, Narrator

Frank Gorshin - Marius, Lysander

Glynnis Talken - Kashya

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