How To Edit DT1 File Palettes (by BlackHeart)

How To Edit DT1 File Palettes (by BlackHeart)

Description: This tutorial explains how to manipulate DT1 map tiles for use in any act.

Categories: Tutorials (1.1x) - Graphic and Sound Files

Tools needed:

A copy of Paint Shop Pro

DT1 Tools: Created by: Paul Siramy

This a package of simple programs for the management of the DT1 files.

Files needed:

D2_pal_for_psp : Created by: Paul Siramy

Diablo II Palettes for Paint Shop Pro.


In this exercise we will be changing the pallet of Act1 Objects to palette 0 for use in any act.

Step 1

Place a copy of the objects.dt1 into the dt1tools directory

First we need to edit a bat file to unpack the dt1 file.

Open the '2-DT1extr Tristram.bat' and make the following changes to the
command line (dt1extr objects.dt1 -pal d2pal\act1.dat) save and close.

Now run the bat and it will produce 3 files




-fs stand for 'Floor Static'

-wu stand for 'Walls Up'

ini is a sort of a dump of the other data that the dt1 have, but that we

Can’t draw on a bitmap. Like tile's sound, floor flags, orientation...


Open the objects-fs.pcx file using PSP

Then from the tool bar select color/edit palette opening the plate
edit window. Select the palette index 0 entry the top left double click
it opening the color submenu. index 0 is currently set to #616161
(97/97/97) change this to #00FFFF (0/255/255)


Then from the tool bar select color/load palette locate the
directory you used to hold D2_pal_for_psp. Select d2-act0 save and
exit. Choosing the 'Nearest color matching' option is the best method.


Repeat process on the objects-wu.pcx


Now we need to edit the 3-DT1make Tristram.bat

Change the command line to (dt1make objects.ini) save and exit

Run the 3-DT1make Tristram.bat repacking the file objects.dt1.

This produces a file named 'NEW_objects.dt1'.


Place 'NEW_objects.dt1' into the data\global\tiles\act1\town and rename file to objects.dt1.

This file now can be used in any act.

Special thanks to Paul Siramy for providing the tools and information needed to write this tutorial.

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