[LOD v.1.10] Nezarmontias v1.07a by Acromatic Aria

[LOD v.1.10] Nezarmontias v1.07a by Acromatic Aria

Description: Reviewed by Malachai29 for the Phrozen Keep.

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[b]What Works[/b]

I have played this mod for a quite a while now, and its hard to start at any one thing that works here. First thing of note are souls, a new item that almost every monster can drop that is particular to the monster killed. Each soul has abilities related to the monster it came from, and these skills can be used by the player when the soul is equipped in the ring slot. Summoner Necro with spirit wolves anyone? But, souls are just the tip of the iceberg with this great mod. With the addition of over 400 uniques, 33 sets, new levels to run (Kagero dungeon, The Gauntlet, and Treasure Pit), and the soul medallion. When you start the game, you are basically given the soul medallion. Keep it in your inventory and it will keep a kill count for you, which can be useful later in the game, but more importantly, you can transmute the medallion with souls that you don’t want to wear for stat bonuses. You wont see the first stat bonus until you feed the medallion 32 souls, but the bonuses are worth it later on.

With the new areas, come new problems for us to figure out. The Gauntlet can be very hard to traverse. There are traps around every corner to drain you completely and leave you for dead. Worse, the monsters in this area cannot be killed. You must earn your way through this gauntlet to gain the prize at the end, and the prize is worth it.

The Treasure pit replaces the Infernal Pit in Act 5 and is filled with golden monsters that drop gold, uniques, sets…pretty much anything you could ever want! I wont say this area is easy for the first time running through, but then again, I probably would not have made it this far if the game wasn’t a challenge!

The Kagero Dungeon is located at the graveyard with Blood Raven. It comprises of 6 levels that have been taken out of other areas of Act 1, such as the forgotten tower, the catacombs and others. Within this dungeon are monsters to make Baal cringe, so I wouldn’t recommend entering here until you can pretty much easily handle killing Baal.

Also, a good area to note is the trap door in the Rogue camp that leads to the cow level. This makes it quite easy to do cow runs as many times as you like, any time you like.

[b]What Doesn't Work[/b]
I did not find much about this mod that I did not like. I found that after getting my first couple of souls, I no longer needed rings, even for the cash value. The Gauntlet has some issues, but Acromatic Aria is working on resolving these.

[b]In Conclusion[/b]
Overall, this is a well done mod, with level max increased to 750, skill max to 99 and the ability to obtain skills not normally used by your preferred class, it makes for some interesting builds. I have barely scratched the surface of all the features this mod has to offer, but I will leave the rest for you, the reader, to find. I recommend this mod to a lot of my friends and they haven’t been disappointed with it. Now, I recommend it to you. Enjoy!

(Note: Most of my experiences with this mod were with a Necromancer or Druid)

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