Children of the Damned

Children of the Damned

Description: by Phrozen Heart

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After the defeat of Diablo in the battle of
Tristram, our hero travels east in search of an ancient temple, rumored
to be the only the place outside of (the now sealed) Hell that the
soulstone could truly be destroyed.

Upon the hero's arrival the long-dead temple is magically restored to
it's former glory, torchs ignite spontaneously, golden artefacts become
untarnished and all that fun stuff, feeding off the raw power of the
captured soulstone. After braving the many perilous traps and guardian
golems, the hero finally makes their way into the shrine and (according
to legend) tossess the soulstone into the dark pool at the base of the
altar after wrenching it from their forehead. Unfortunately the
accidental 'annointing' of the evil stone with hero's blood triggers a
age old curse breaking down the barrier between the Prime Material
Plane (the 'real' world) and the Negative Plain allowed the souls of
the dead to walk the face of Sanctuary once more.

Badly written I know but you get the basic concept. Not only does
this give you untold options of resurrecting spectral versions of NPCs
and unique monsters from D1 (spectral butcher anyone?) but you can
pretty much remove all demons from D2 and replace them with various
forms of undead from the Infinity Engine games ranging from giant
skeletons to ghoul to wraiths to undead orcs to shades to....well you
get the idea ;)

Superuniques as mentioned above could be resurrected, ghostly or zombie
forms of the Butcher, Lazarus, Lachdanan and the gang from D1 but
you've got a selection of sentient undead (as opposed to mindless
automations) such as vampires (awesomely fast/strong fighters), mummies
(ancient powerful spellcasting priests) and lichs (immortal mages) to
play with :)

Feel free to discuss this concept in the designated thread.

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