AD&D Blood Wars

AD&D Blood Wars

Description: by Phrozen Heart

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Just having a think while scouting through Infinitum
and thought it'd be cool if someone would create a mod based loosely
around the Blood Wars, the epic conflict between two factions of demon,
the Tanar'ri and the Baatezu. On the Tanar'ri side, Infinitum has
animations for the Cambion, Glabrezu, Balor, Succubus and Marilith
demon-types and for the Baatezu there's the Cornugon and Pit Fiend plus
three different types of Abishai and other stuff from PS:T I'll be
posting in the coming weeks. I'm sure a little googling could yield
more background on the demonic Blood Wars for anyone interested :)

Feel free to discuss this concept in the designated thread.

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