Tales of Arcanum

Tales of Arcanum

Description: by Keeshi

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Just an idea of mine for a mod, being that I can't so, steal any or all ideas if you wish.

Ok this will be a D2 mod for the game Arcanum(from Sierra and Troika games)

The arcanum world had melee(swords, axes, clubs, fists) ranged(guns)
Magic(or magik to them) But they also had enginering(spelling sorry
guys) Which means they could build guns, weapons, potions, and ROBOTS!

So, what does this mean? Well, we apply this to D2.

Ok, first we should work on our classes. Now, in Arcanum you could
have ANY and all skills as long as you had the points for it.... We
cant really do that here(I dont think, I'm not a modder :P) So, we need to make some pre-set classes.

Now, we will have 3 different kinds of Enginers. One that makes potions
and traps, one that makes guns and uses them, and one that builds

Next is magic... Goodness, there is ALOT of magic classes, but with
only 4 skills in each, we can put the few of the good ones into 2
different classes.

Now, I dont have all the details, but the last 2 charatures are melee classes, but I'm not sure about skills and stuff.

Those of you who's played Arcanum, please, post your ideas! I think this would be great!

Feel free to discuss this concept in the designated thread.

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