Bionic Skill Tree

Bionic Skill Tree

Description: by Phrozen Heart

Categories: Mod Concepts

With numerous mods coming out with 'modern' weapons such as handguns, rifles and grenade launchers, I was pondering other updated/futuristic concepts and came up with this idea. What if each class had one whole skill tree dedicated to bionical enhancements.

Bionic Legs - Increased speed and/or stamina
Bionic Arms - Increased strength and/or crushing blow %
Bionic Eye - Increased attack rating
Alloy Endo-Skeleton - Increased armor class and/or hit recovery
Proximity Sensors - Detection similar to 'Inner Site' skill
Teleporter - Similar to 'Teleport' skill
Holo-Projector - Similar to 'Decoy' skill
Electrostatic Pulse Generator - Similar to 'Holy Shock' skill
Bio-Scanner - % deadly strike
CPU Upgrade - Mastery bonus for all bionic skills
None of these are particularly complicated to achieve as they're
based off existing skills, I just thought the 'theme' would add a novel
twist. Any thoughts?

Feel free to discuss this concept in the designated thread.

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