[LOD v.1.10] Hades Underworld Mod

[LOD v.1.10] Hades Underworld Mod

Description: Reviewed by reiyo_oki for the Phrozen Keep.

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Interesting mod overall...I found the access granted to almost every skill for each character to be quite fun. The only downside to this that I noticed, was that the 3 skill points per level made it extremely easy to wipe out most monsters quickly, effectively removing the challenge from the game. A whole slew of new graphics and town map changes made a very unique feel, and the altered item graphics were just icing on the cake.

I do, however, have a few nits with the mod. First, the red lightning effect was VERY overused, I can understand it being used in one or two skills which aren't used very often, but using it for the barbarian's warcrys and the sorceress' Frozen Orb was just too much. Most computers can't handle that much memory useage at once, and with slow missiles effecting the player it would be a lot worse, you might even see framerates below 10 fps (which can be quite detrimental to gameplay, especially in hardcore mode).

The skill movement was an interesting choice, I rather liked having an assassin with Fanatacism and Increased Speed letting loose on the new baddies with Dragon Talon. I know the mod probably still needs some work at this stage, as I noticed the amazon hadn't been altered much (if at all), but it's still quite playable, and overall a great way to spend some time if you want something more 'graphically pleasing' to do.

If I had to rate this mod on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 7.6, just because of the concept and though put into the graphical changes. The skill changes were quite influental on that rating as well, as they give a whole new feel to the game, 'fixing' some of the more 'broken' skills and adding new possibilities to other classes.

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