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LvlMaze.txt is the file that controls how many ds1 (rooms) and how large each ds1 are for random underground levels (mazes).

This file is using:

Name descriptive, not loaded in game. Corresponds with Name field in Levels.txt

Level: ID from Levels.txt
NOTE: Cave 1 is the Den of Evil, its associated treasure level is quest only.

Rooms - Rooms(N) - Rooms(H): the minimum number of .ds1 map sections that will make up the maze in Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulties.

SizeX - SizeY: the size in the X\Y direction of any component ds1 map section.

Merge: Possibly related to how adjacent .ds1s are connected with each other, but what the different values are for is unknown.

Beta: Included in the original Diablo II beta tests and in the demo version..

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