Warcraft III Units in D2 (by SBM)

Warcraft III Units in D2 (by SBM)

Description: This tutorial explains how to import WC3 animations into D2 without the use of a 3D program.

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I discovered a method to get the animations from a Warcraft III Unit

WITHOUT using any 3D Program. This method is quite work-intensive but

for me it is easier to get the animations on this way than one another.
I posted on this method (my elf plugin) quite long ago and somebody
asked me if i couldn't make a tutorial how i achieved it. So here it


First of all you need a running version of the WorldEditor of Warcraft


Then you need some other programs:

Gamani Gif Movie Gear www.moviegear.com

Hypercam V.2.10.02 www.hyperionics.com

Palette Express 1.6 www.risoftsystems.com

D2 Palette for PSP (there are three palettes in the starterkit)

We want to get the necessary animations to put a Warcraft III Unit into

D2. My method contains various parts. We have to do one after the


The theory of my method:

1.)We use the WorldEditor of Warcraft III to view the unit we would

like to get the animations from.

2.) Choose the animation of the mode you want to get!

3.) We record one direction of the chosen animation using Hypercam.


a) We adjust the recorded direction and make first applying settings to

the D2 palette using GAMANI.

b.) We export the animation into individual images using GAMANI.

5.) We apply the d2 palette to each exported image using Palette



a) We import all these images into an animation using GAMANI.

b) We will make some finally corrections to the animation using Gamani

and we have finished our Work for one direction of the chosen

mode animation.

7.) Repeat the steps 3-6) for each direction of the chosen mode

animation (remember a d2 monster has eight directions per mode


8.) Put the eight different directions together to one animation in the

right way using Gamani and save this animation.

9.) Go to step 2) and choose the next animation we need.

10.) The GetHit and the Corpse Mode Animation

11.) Finished with mode animations

Now let's go into detail:

1.) Open your Warcraft III WorldEditor. Be sure that you set high

details and quality ('File/Preferences/Grafic'). Use the

Toolpalette/Unitpalette to choose a unit. This method has problems to

record units with special light effects like an aura under their feets.

Please take a unit without such effect. This unit will appear in the

grey window on the left side of the program. Over the window you can

change the animation of the unit and below the distance and the

direction! Change the height and the width of this window to change

this attributes of the unit. You can also increase or decrease the

distance to zoom out or to zoom in. The unit's size should not be

bigger than it should become in Diablo2.

2.) Now choose the animation you want to get. We need at last the

following modes:

ONE Attack Mode Animation

ONE Death Mode Animation

ONE Stand Mode Animation

ONE Walk Mode Animation

Animations like Attack2, Spell are optional.

3.) We want to record one direction of the chosen mode animation. The

first direction i would suggest would be the front direction (270

Degrees). Experienced Modders could also follow the Animation guide for

monster taking first the unit facing the down-left corner of the window

(225 Degrees). Open Hypercam. Set 'Avi-File/Video Compressor = Full

Frames (Uncompressed' and 'Frame Compression Quality = 100' for the

best quality. Deselect 'Other Options/Record Cursor' to avoid problems.

We have to set the region we want to record. Select 'Screen Area/select

Region' and adjust the region (a rectangle) of the grey window you want

to record. The region's height and width should be as little as

possible without removing parts of the unit during the record. But you

have to take into account that the unregisterd version of Hypercam adds

a 16-pixel high banner on the top of your animation. So you have to

make the rectangle a bit higher as it would be necessary. Look at the

unit's animation and then select the region using Hypercam. Before you

record the first direction you could change 'Avi-File/Frame rate per

second' to a higher value to get a fluent animation. But be careful

adjusting this value could create a non-fluent animation because your

system is not good enough. After you have recorded the first direction

neither change the unit's size nor the frame rate! Be sure to have

adjusted the unit'size in a proper way. If the unit is bigger the

chance increases that you get problems recording the direction. Now

record the direction and check if all parts of the unit are inside the

blinking rectangle during the record. You should stop the record after

the unit repeated it's animation twice.

4.)a) Open the recorded .avi File with Gamani Movie Gear. Check if all

parts of the unit are there during the whole animation. If for example

the 'Unregisterd Hypercam 2' Banner has cut away the head of your unit

you have to adjust the region to record new (step 3) and then you have

to go on to step 4a). If the animation is good crop the banner and

delete unnecessary frames in the animation until you have one fluent

animation (and no twice repeating animation only once). Therefor play

the animation, delete frames, play it again until it is fluent

especially the iteration of the animation! If you work on the second

till eight direction you have to be sure to have the same number of

frames your first saved direction had. So if your first direction had a

fluent animation with iteration with 24 frames all the other directions

for the same animation mode must have 24 frames! Select 'ANIMATION/EDIT
GLOBAL PALETTE' and set the Background color to '170,170,170'. If the
top left color of the palette is '0,0,0' or '1,1,1' or similar set it
to '5,5,1'!Save the animation with the name of the mode and the

b) Select 'FILE/Export AS/INDIVIDUAL GIF IMAGES' and export your

animation into a subdirectory splitted up into one image per frame.

5) Open Palette Express. Select 'Palette/Load Palette' to load your D2

Palette (i think i used the one for PSP 7). Then mark the first five

exported images ('Input') and select the directory for the output

('Output'). Be sure to set 'Dither method = Nearest Color' to avoid

changes in the palette of the images. Now apply the palette to the

first five images and after that apply the palette to the next five and

repeat this procedure until all exported images are applied to the D2

Palette (you only have to follow this split up into five images per run

when you use the non-bought shareware version like me).

6)a) Open Gamani Movie Gear. Select 'File/Insert Frames' and mark all

exported images applied to the d2 palette in the step before.

b) Finally Corrections of the animation:

b1)Select 'FRAME/global properties' and set the background transparent

and select 'Background Color before drawing next picture'

b2)Select 'Animation/Unoptimize'.

b3)Set 'FRAME/GLOBAL PROPERTIES' and set the background to


b4)Select 'Animation/Optimize' and deselect 'Shrink Frames to smallest

needed rectangle'

b5)Save this animation '*Mode*_*direction*_with_palette' where you have
to replace *Mode* and *direction* with the Mode and the direction you

7) Now you have to do steps 3)-6) for each direction of the chosen

animation mode.

8) If you have the eight directions open Gamani. Select 'File/Insert

Frames' and choose the directions in the following order: unit facing

down- left corner, unit facing down-right corner, unit facing

upper-right corner, unit facing upper- left corner, unit's front, unit

facing right side, unit's back, unit facing left side. You have to

deselect a frame after you Inserted an animation otherwise the program

inserts the frames before the selected one and not after the inserted

direction! After you have done this you could check the frame number

(which should be a possible multiplier of eight like 32,40,48 and so

on). Save the complete mode animation file and be sure you find it

;-)!This is one of the mode animation we will get into d2.

9) Choose the next mode animation we need. If there is an animation

that looks like a knock-back effect (GetHit Mode) you could do the

steps 3)-6) for that mode animation too and after that jump to step 11)

10) If there is no knock-back like animation you could also use the

first 6-8 frames of the death mode animation (saved in part 9) of each

direction and put them together to save it as the new gethit mode

animation. For the corpse mode animation you have to open the death

mode animation (saved in part 9) and delete all frames except the last

of each direction and save it as the new corpse mode animation. Be sure

that you haven't deleted now your death mode animation!

11) Read the Animation Tutorial and get the mode animations into d2 to

get your Warcraft III Unit into D2!

This method is like i said really work-intensive but until i found a 3D

Program that really shows the models of WC3 and not meshes in a 2D
area i will use it. You can also use this method for NWN Models with

Aurora Neverwinter Nights Model Viewer instead of the WorldEditor. But

the models have no death/corpse and gethit animation which is no

problem for summoned creatures but for other monsters.

This is the first version of the tutorial, i will add further

explanations if it is necessary. Please ask if there are any problems understanding this tutorial.icon_mrgreen.gif

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