D2 voiceover mod

D2 voiceover mod

Description: by Rana Loreus

Categories: Humor

Have you ever wondered just how useless the 'hot-voice-keys' are? Man, it was better last time in D1 when we are able to modify the chat-key messages, allowing us to bare the deepest and darkest secrets of our soul, and voice our most immediate and desired demands.

After playing D2 for many years, I propose we mod-makers make a D2 vocieover mod, changing the lame and useless voices to things that really matter:

1 - Let go for a Pindleskin run!

2 - Look, look, an unique!

3 - Run away, run away, Fire-enchanted!

4 - This is NOT for you

5 - Bye, I off to MF in another game

6 - Your SoJ or your ear!


7 - (Realm) I sense someone with a tremendously unbalanced and overpowered runeword.

8 - TP, plz. Thaxor u raxor!

9 - Shall we skip Tristram and let Cain rot in that cage?

0 - Touch that green item, and you find one of your ears in Tristram, the other in a fruit basket in Kurast.

Just for laughs! ;D

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