Creating Specific menu screens

Creating Specific menu screens

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Tools needed:

Paintshop Pro or similar graphics program which allows loading of palettes.

DC6 Creator (Keep file center)

Paul Siramy's Pal for PSP (Keep file center)

1. Find the image you want and see if it will convert good enough.

First off, depending on what image you want to use and for what
screen, there are a number of factors involved. The main factor being
(if the image is 16,000,000 colours, will it convert ok to 256 colours!

The second factor is which screen you wish to use the image for. The
main problem is the 'Trademark' palette as it uses a red spectrum,
which is why many mod's trademark/main screens look 'not so good'.

Now that I have mentioned that, off we go.

Load your graphics program and open the image you wish to use
(image must be 800 x 600 or resized to this spec). Next load the
palette which is needed for the screen you are hoping to make. Paul's
Pal for PSP has a text file explaining which palette to use. Does it
look good enough?

I will presume 'yes' so save the image as a BMP. (if not, then find another image!)

2. Next load DC6 Creator and choose the palette for the image you
are using. Next click 'New' and then 'import' and find your converted

It will say that the image is too large blah blah so just click ok.
It will then split the image into several frames which will load
perfectly by the game and display properly.

Next save the dc6 that you have now created as the specific dc6
you are hoping to make. Place the dc6 into the appropriate folder in

3, Start D2 and see if your screen looks ok.

4. Advanced:

To get the perfect screen, take a screenshot of the screen you want
to work with and use that instead as the base image. You can then use
'clonebrush' or 'cut and paste' from the image you wish to use and
apply the palette after you have finished. This way you will see where
the 'boxes' appear on screen and you can avoid them cutting out part of
your new screen.

5. The loading screen is a slightly different subject as it involves a
15 frame dc6 size 256 x 256 and has been discussed in another

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