Creating A Custom Health/Mana bubble LOD 1.10f

Creating A Custom Health/Mana bubble LOD 1.10f

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Tools needed:

Paintshop Pro

Dc6Creator (availlable from the Keep)

Paul Siramy's Pal For Psp (availlable from the Keep)

overlap.dc6 (thanks to whoever made this as it sorts a few problems)

Get it here:

This tutorial will go on the premise that you will be editing the 800x600 resolution panel.

1. Extract 800ctrlpnl7.dc6 from the D2exp.mpq and save it somewhere you can remember.

2. Open Dc6Creator and select the units palette from the palettes
dropdown list. Then click open and select the 800ctrlpnl7.dc6 from
where you saved it. Next click 'export all' and choose where to save
the files as bitmaps. It will save all the files in a subfolder. The
main folder will be called 800ctrlpnl7_bmp.

3. Next open up Paintshop Pro click to browse and find the folder
where all the exported bitmaps are saved to. Then open up the
appropriate 'bubbles' to edit. If adding new images, you might have to
convert the new images first to the units palette and then back to
16,000,000. You will also have to convert the 'bubbles' to 16,000,000
colours and then convert them back to 256 colours after you have
finished using Paul Siramy's Pal for PSP and choosing the unit palette.

4. After editing the 'bubbles' and saving, then open up Dc6Creator
and select the units palette from the dropdown list. Then click 'ini
---> dc6' and find the ini file in the exported bitmaps folder and
open it. Dc6Creator will then load all the 'modded' + other graphics.
Now click save and save as 800ctrlpnl7.dc6 in the Diablo
II\data\global\ui\panel folder. Next put the overlap.dc6 into the same

5. Hopefully, you will have done this correctly and will have lovely looking 'bubbles' so to speak.

6. The latter applies to the ctrlpnl7.dc6 only that this panel is
for 640x480 resolution. Some players with low end systems will need
this, if you feel like pleasing them as well

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