Lycanthropic Barb Hirelings (by reddot)

Lycanthropic Barb Hirelings (by reddot)

Description: This tutorial explains how to turn act 5 hirelings into Werebears and Werewolves.

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Well. Let's start. There two ways to make shape shifting bars.

First: Once casted transform into were-form barbarian stay in this form until end of game (aura)

Second: Barbarian randomly transform in were-form and back to human form in pointed time (cast)

When you need to make different actions for each way I’ll mark lines with [aura] and [cast]

signs at the start of line. So u must determine which type more applicable for u.

At first I create two new skills in skills.txt that makes shape shifting works like auras

Open skills.txt

Step 1:

Copy 'Wearbear' line and 'Wearwolf' line at the end of skills.txt

(Note: this skills name in txt files different from game name)

Step 2:

Write new IDs. Actually 357 and 358, remove dru modifier (though it's not mean), change

skilldesc and skills name to BarWearbear and BarWearwolf.

Step 3:

Main! srvdofunc column probably shows how skill will work.

[aura] Set this column to '65' like all paladin auras

[cast] Set this column to '18' like assassin auras, armor cast

Step 4:

columns started from aura describes aura parameters - duration, bonuses. I left them for

future editing. I haven't knowledge for this yet.

[cast] you mast determine time in frames how long hireling must be shifted after cast.

[cast] put this value in 'auralencalc' column. I use 2000(80 seconds).

Step 5: In Column ReqLevel set 1. MaxLvl make blank.

Step 6:

Remove parameters under columns minmana, manashift, mana, lvlmana because hirelings

don’t use mana

Step 7:

[aura] Set column Aura to 1.

[cast] Leave column Aura blank

Step 8:

Remove cost mult and cost add (set to 0) parameters.

Step 9:

[cast] You must also remove values in 'cltoverlaya' and 'cltoverlayb' columns if your 'auralencalc' parameter is to short.

[cast] This will remove animation of transform.

[cast] In negative case transformed hireling will flashes in orange color again and again.

Now save file skills.txt

At Seconds I divide barbarians into 2 group

Open hireling.txt

Step 10:

Move to Bar hirelings at the bottom and change name in Subtype column

First three '1hs-Normal-Bear'

then next three '1hs-Normal-Wolf'

next two '1hs-Nightmare-Bear'

next two '1hs-Nightmare-Wolf'

next one '1hs-Hell-Bear'

next one '1hs-Hell-Wolf'

in next lines i copied values in same order

Step 11:

Now move to hiredesc column. So while we cant add new hire descriptions (I cant find how to do it)

I use predefined desc

Set this column to 'def' for bears and 'off' for wolves.

Step 12:

Skill3 column: Set this column to 'BarWearbear' for bears and 'BarWearwolf' for wolves.

Mode3 column:

[aura] set to '1' for all barbarians (This tell game to use this skill like aura)

[cast] set to '5' for all barbarians (This tell game to use this skill like usual kick)

Fill Chance3, ChancePerLvl3, Level3, LevelPerLvl3. I fill this column with paladin auras

parameters depending with difficulty and level.

[cast] In this case column 'Chance3' shouldn't be high. When it’s high your hireling just

[cast] will transforming in were-form very often and won't attack.

That's all with hireling.txt. Now save it and move files to your mod \data\global\excel directory.

Then Launch the game.

What you get:

QualKhek now suppose you two types of barbarians: Defensive (Bears) and Offensive (Wolves).

Hire one of them, give equip to your hireling and go to any location.

Barbarian start to attack enemies and transform to were-form you choose.

Hireling can use any skill in this form.

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