UniqueItems.txt File Guide

UniqueItems.txt File Guide

Description: by Rattlecage, restyled by HarvestWombs

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index: The name of the item (also used as string key)

version: If the item is Classic D2 or LoD (0 for CD2, 1 for enhanced CD2, 100 for LoD)

Enabled: If the item can drop or not (0 for undropable, 1 for dropable)

Ladder: If the item can not be found in nonladder games on the Realms

Rarity: How common the item is

Nolimit: The name of the band that my friend's brother is in. Oh wait, I don't what this does, none of the items seem to use it.

Lvl: The level a monster must be to drop this item

lvl req: The level the character has to be to use the item

code: The code of the base item found in Weapons.txt, armor.txt and misc.txt

type: The name of the base item (for reference only)

*uber: If the item is an uber item or not (not used by the game at all)

carry1: If you can only carry one of this item or not (1 yes, 0 no)

cost mult: A factor for figuring out the cost of the item

Cost add: Another factor for figuring out the cost of the item

chrtransform: The color the character becomes when this item is equipped

invtransform: The color the item is in the character's inventory

flippy file: The flippy file used for the item

invfile: The inventory graphic used for the item

dropsound: The sound that the item makes when it is dropped on the ground

dropsfxframe: How many frames the sound plays for

usesound: ?the sound the item makes when moved around in the character's inventory?

prop1: first magical modifier on the item
par1: Parameter used for the modifier (such as cold length for cold damage)
min1: Minimum value that the item can spawn with
max1: Maximum value that the item can spawn with

the other prop columns function the same as the first ones

eol: End of Line: Marks the end of the file

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