Properties.txt File Guide

Properties.txt File Guide

Description: by Joel Falcou (revised by Myhrginoc), Restyled by HarvestWombs

Categories: File Guides (1.1x)

This file depends on ItemStatCost.txt.
A stat must be defined there in order to use its ID in the stat1-7 fields.

The bulk of the file consists of seven function blocks. Each block has a function index (FuncX) and three parameters (SetX, ValX, StatX). Parameters are only useful if the underlying function is written to interpret them.

A '*' in the field name means it is a comment field not loaded into the game.

code: Property identifier to use in other txt files anywhere a property is applied (e.g. MagicPrefix, MagicSuffix, Automagic, MonProp, Gems, Runes, Sets, SetItems, UniqueItems, Cubemain).

*done: 1 if the property is active (boolean).

set1 to set7: Parameter to the property function, if the function can use it (see Color property)

val1 to val7: Parameter to the property function, if the function can use it (see class skills properties).

func1 to func7: Function used to assign a value to a property (see list below)

stat1 to stat7: Stat applied by the property (see ItemStatCost.txt), if the function uses it.

*desc: Description of the property

*param: Description of the param value

*min: Description of the min value

*max: Description of the max value

*notes: Additional comments

*eol: Terminator field, not used in game, primary purpose is to keep Microsoft Excel from misbehaving.

APPENDIX: Functions of Properties.txt
Here are some functions used by the properties.txt to link param/min/max value to the actual bonus of the properties.

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1 - Applies a value to a stat, can use SetX parameter. 
2 - defensive function only, similar to 1 ???
3 - Apply the same min-max range as used in the previous function block (see res-all).
4 - not used ???
5 - Dmg-min related ???
6 - Dmg-max related ???
7 - Dmg% related ???
8 - ??? use for speed properties (ias, fcr, etc ...)
9 - Apply the same param and value in min-max range, as used in the previous function block.
10 - skilltab skill group ???
11 - event-based skills ???
12 - random selection of parameters for parameter-based stat ???
13 - durability-related ???
14 - inventory positions on item ??? (related to socket)
15 - use min field only
16 - use max field only
17 - use param field only
18 - Related to /time properties.
19 - Related to charged item.
20 - Simple boolean stuff. Use by indestruct.
21 - Add to group of skills, group determined by stat ID, uses ValX parameter.
22 - Individual skill, using param for skill ID, random between min-max.
23 - ethereal
24 - property applied to character or target monster ???
25--32 can be used in custom code.  Check plugin documentation for syntax.

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