SkillDesc.txt File Guide

SkillDesc.txt File Guide

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First post for me, but I've learned a lot from here in the past so I figured I'd help out with this info I've learned so far trying to update my skill page. Note that this is just a first pass so I'm sure there are many errors sitll, but it should give enough info on how this file works for people to start playing with it.



A. skilldesc - Name used in the skilldesc column of skills.txt to refer to this entry.

B. SkillPage - Which page is skill displayed on (lowest page is numbered 1, middle 2, top 3, non-tree skills 0)

C. SkillRow - Which row is skill displayed on (starting from top, rows 1-6)

D. SkillColumn - Which column is skill displayed on (starting from left, cols 1-3)

E. ListRow - Row in the skill speed bar the skill will appear in (lower numbers toward the bottom)

F. ListPool - Unkown (seems to control the pooling of multiple scrolls into one icon in the skill speed bar.)

G. IconCel - (X-1) frames for the icon in data\global\ui\spells\XXskillicon.dc6 (XX is char-dependant). eg. Sorc Fire Bolt is 0, so the computer will look under SOskillicon.dc6 frames 1 and 2 for the icons.

H. str name - String table entry containing the skill name.

I. str short - String table entry containing a short skill description (used in hover text on the skill speed bar and selected skill icons.)

J. str long - String table entry containing a long skill description (used in the hover text of the skill tree.)

K. str alt - String table entry containing an alternate skill name. The text is often the same as the skill name. Not sure where its used.

L. str mana - String table entry containing the mana cost text (StrSkill3 or blank except for Eskillincaseraven for raven.) After delving into the file more deply, I'm not even sure this is being used since there are other lines which display mana cost.

Not quite sure what the following do. Best guess is they effect the damage display in the char screen. The numbers in descdam would represent different functions and 'ddam calc1' and 'ddam calc2' would be fed into this function. Functions 1-16 and 18 are currently used.

M. descdam

N. ddam calc1

O. ddam calc2

Before I realized this wasn't used in the skill mouse-overs I started to try and correlate the way damage was displayed to the function numbers in descdam. I'll leave in my observations, but I now think these have more to do with how damage is calculated for display on the char screen.





5 Convert x% Physical Damage to Magic Damage

Damage: +x

6 Convert x% Physical Damage to Elemental Damage

7 Damage: +x percent

8 Average Fire Damage: x-y per second

Range: z yards


Average Cold Damage: x-y per second

Cold Length: z seconds

Range: w yards

9 Fire Duration: x seconds

Average Fire Damage: y-z per second


Average Fire Damage: x-y per second


Damage: a-b

Fire Damage: x-y

Average Fire Damage: z-w per second

10 Damage: +x percent

Stun Length: y seconds

11 Cold Length: x seconds

Elemental Damage: +y percent

12 Magic Damage: x-y

13 nothing (synergy damage bonus)

14 Life Steal/Mana Steal + -75% damage

15 Kick Damage: +x percent

16 Fire Damage: +x percent

17 ???

18 Charge 1/Charge 2/Charge 3

These are all used for elemental charge up skills (descdam = 18). Again, I think this effects damage displayed on the char screen.

P. p1dmelem

Q. p1dmmin

R. p1dmmax

S. p2dmelem

T. p2dmmin

U. p2dmmax

V. p3dmelem

W. p3dmmin

X. p3dmmax

Y. descatt - I'm guessing this effects the Attack Rating display on the char screen?

References to related missiles in missiles.txt? Need to look into this a bit more.

Z. descmissile1

AA. descmissile2

AB. descmissile3

Now the meat and potatoes of the file. The rest of the file consists of 3 different description sections (desc, dsc2, and dsc3) which control the following parts of the skill description:

desc* -> level dependent description (bottom to top)

dsc2* -> level independent description (bottom to top)

dsc3* -> synergy descriptions (top to bottom)

Within each section, there are parameters for upto 7 lines of description (actually, 7 parts as a few of them actually add more than one line to the text.) As normal for skill description type stuff, desc and dsc2 add their lines to the description from bottom to top while dsc3 goes from top to bottom.

Each line consists of a type (descline), 2 text references (from .tbl files) and then 2 calculations. For those of you familiar with printf, I've compiled a list of the translations from type->format string and how it is used. This is just a first pass and I'm sure there are mistakes in there, but you get the general idea. 71 is a bit odd as it has a sort of 'nested' formatting. 53-56 are used for TP/ID scrolls/books, but I'm not sure what description they are generating to check it out. There are a few unused numbers tagged with question marks which are not currently used, but may still be implemented in the code.

1 'Mana Cost: %d',usmc>>8

2 '%s+%d%s',desctexta,desccalca,desctextb

3 '%s%d%s',desctexta,desccalca,desctextb

4 '%s+%d',desctexta,desccalca

5 '%s%d',desctexta,desccalca

6 '+%d%s'desccalca,desctexta

7 '%d%s'desccalca,desctexta

8 'To Attack Rating: +%d percent',att

9 'Duation: %d-%d seconds',?,?

10 '%s Damage: %d-%d',etype,emin,emax

11 '%s Damage: %d-%d',etype,emin,emax

12 '%s%d seconds',desctexta,desccalca

13 'Life: %d',(minionlife+desccalcb)*(100+desccalca)/100

14 'Poison Damage: %d-%d\nover %d seconds',poismin,poismax,poislen


16 '%s%d-%d seconds',desctexta,desccalca/25,desccalcb/25

17 '%s%s%d-%d per second',desctexta,desctextb,desccalca,desccalcb

18 desctexta

19 '%s%d yards',desctexta,desccalca*2/3



22 'Average Fire Damage: %d-%d per second',burnmin,burnmax

23 '%s%d seconds',desctexta,desccalca

24 '%s%d-%d',desctexta1,hydramin,hydramax

25 desctexta

26 'Average Cold Damage: %d-%d per second',coldmin,coldmax

27 'Average Fire Damage: %d-%d per second',burnmin,burnmax

28 'Radius: 1 yard'

29 '%d yards',firewallsize

30 '%s%d seconds',desctexta,desccalca/25

31 '%s%d seconds',desctexta,desccalca/25

32 '%s%s+%d percent',desctexta,desctextb,desccalca

33 '%s%s%d',desctexta,desctextb,magilifebonus

34 'Damage: %d-%d',skelmin,skelmax

35 '%s%d-%d',desctexta,desccalca,desccalcb

36 '%d%s',desccalca,desccalca == 1 ? desctexta : desctextb

37 '%s%d yards',desctexta,desccalca1*2/3

38 '%s%d-%d%s',desctexta,desccalca,desccalcb,desctextb

39 'Damage: %d-%d',bgmin,bgmax

40 desctexta,desctextb

41 'Fire Damage: %d-%d',desccalca,desccalcb

42 '%s: +%d.%d %s',desctexta,desccalca,desccalcb,desctextb



45 'Thorns Damage\n%d percent Damage Returned',thorns


47 '%s%d-%d',desctexta,desccalca,desccalcb

48 'Magic Damage: %d-%d',emin,emax

49 '%s+%d-%d',desctexta,smitemin,smitemax

50 '%s%d-%d',desctexta,holyboltmin,holyboltmax

51 desctexta,desccalca

52 '%s+%d-%d%s',desctexta,desccalca,desccalcb,desctextb

53 ?

54 ?

55 ?

56 ?

57 '%s+%d seconds',desctexta,desccalca


59 '%s%d-%d',desctexta,desccalca,desccalcb


61 '%s%d%s',desctexta,desccalca>>8,desctextb (desccalcb not used?)

62 '%s%s%d-%d',desctexta,desctextb,desccalca,desccalcb

63 '%s: +%d%% %s',desctexta,desccalca,desctextb



66 desctexta,desccalca

67 '%s+%d%s',desctexta,desccalca,desctextb

68 '%d%s%s',desccalca,desctexta,desctextb


70 '%s%s+%d',desctexta,desctextb,desccalca

71 ('%s: %s',desctexta,desctextb),desccalca

72 '+%d/%d%s',desccalca,desccalcb,desctexta

73 '%d/%d%s',desccalca,desccalcb,desctexta

AC. descline1

AD. desctexta1

AF. desctextb1

AG. desccalca1

AH. desccalcb1

AI. descline2

AJ. desctexta2

AK. desctextb2

AL. desccalca2

AM. desccalcb2

AN. descline3

AO. desctexta3

AP. desctextb3

AQ. desccalca3

AR. desccalcb3

AS. descline4

AT. desctexta4

AU. desctextb4

AV. desccalca4

AW. desccalcb4

AX. descline5

AY. desctexta5

AZ. desctextb5

BA. desccalca5

BB. desccalcb5

BC. descline6

BD. desctexta6

BE. desctextb6

BF. desccalca6

BG. desccalcb6

BH. dsc2line1

BI. dsc2texta1

BJ. dsc2textb1

BK. dsc2calca1

BL. dsc2calcb1

BM. dsc2line2

BN. dsc2texta2

BO. dsc2textb2

BP. dsc2calca2

BQ. dsc2calcb2

BR. dsc2line3

BS. dsc2texta3

BT. dsc2textb3

BU. dsc2calca3

BV. dsc2calcb3

BW. dsc2line4

BX. dsc2texta4

BY. dsc2textb4

BZ. dsc2calca4

CA. dsc2calcb4

CB. dsc3line1

CC. dsc3texta1

CD. dsc3textb1

CE. dsc3calca1

CF. dsc3calcb1

CG. dsc3line2

CH. dsc3texta2

CI. dsc3textb2

CJ. dsc3calca2

CK. dsc3calcb2

CL. dsc3line3

CM. dsc3texta3

CN. dsc3textb3

CO. dsc3calca3

CP. dsc3calcb3

CQ. dsc3line4

CR. dsc3texta4

CS. dsc3textb4

CT. dsc3calca4

CU. dsc3calcb4

CV. dsc3line5

CW. dsc3texta5

CX. dsc3textb5

CY. dsc3calca5

CZ. dsc3calcb5

DA. dsc3line6

DB. dsc3texta6

DC. dsc3textb6

DD. dsc3calca6

DE. dsc3calcb6

DF. dsc3line7

DG. dsc3texta7

DH. dsc3textb7

DI. dsc3calca7

DJ. dsc3calcb7

DK. eol - Unknown (always 0)

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