Multi-Word Runewords

Multi-Word Runewords

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This is just a list of 170 names to use for runewords if you
plan on changing the existing ones in D2, or if you plan on adding some new
ones. Some runewords in D2, of course, consist of only one word, whereas others
are simple phrases consisting of two or more words. A separate list I compile
contains my ideas for simple, single-word runewords. This list consists only of
longer names.

Some of the names in this list might work well as names of
unique or set items as well, but I personally found them more suitable for

Please credit Phrozen Keep ( in the readme
file for your mod if you choose and use any names from this list. Thanks.

Skein of Deceit

Conspiracy of Thieves

Shadowy Places

Fearsome Rumors

Dread of the Blade

Shattering Blow

Dark Descent

Wrath of the Seraphim

Demise of the Weak

Fortress of Solitude

Warrior's Challenge

Sage's Retort

Strange Alchemy

Sting of Humiliation

Bitter Sorrow

Bread of Life

God's Word

Faith's Promise

Mystery of Life

Sweet Agony

Sudden Epiphany

Celestial Revelation

Burning Desire

Readiness for War

Frantic Distress

Trial by Fire

Practice Makes Perfect

Braced for Battle

Survival Instinct

Survivor's Sonata

Poised to Flee

Alert for Danger

Threat of Retribution

Vow of Revenge

Plea for Mercy

Lesson in Pain

Ire of Astaroth

Wisdom of Thoth

Light of Ra

Grace of Isis

Blessings of Osiris

Blessed One

Cursed One

Drowned in Tears

Weeping at the Gate

Gnashing of Teeth

Child's Laughter

Dreams of Empire

Imperial Passion

Endless Sleep

Death of a Thousand Cuts

Desire for Respect

Fear and Loathing

Bearing the Weight

The Quick and the Dead

Demand for Justice

Scream of Despair

No Mercy Shown

No Quarter Given

Madness of Chthulu

Killing Blow

Bane of All Gods

Silence of the Sphinx

Patron of Perversity

Dead to the World

Damsel of Destruction

Woman of Means

Lady of the Lake

Sister of the Sun

Mother of Faith

Gentleman of Distinction

Lord of Riddles

Man of the World

Father of Nations

Brother of Discord

Path of the Nightwalker

Heat of Summer

Cold of Winter

Storms of Spring

Winds of Fall

Sequence of Seasons

Road to Perdition

Shattered Dreams

Call of the Wild

Widow's Refrain

Wild Horses

Lion's Pride

Leader of the Pack

Key to the Madhouse

Dance of the Cobra

Pillage and Plunder

Quest for Freedom

Lord of the Castle

Physician Heal Thyself

True to Yourself

Beg, Borrow and Steal

Onward and Upward

End of the Tunnel

Road Less Traveled

Fight Another Day

Cream of the Crop

Best and Brightest

Dark Demense

Line in the Sand

Written in Stone

Handwriting on the Wall

Keys to Hell and Death

Chains of the Abyss

Star of David

Star of Bethlehem

Manna from Heaven

Haven of Thieves

Den of Iniquity

Pit of Despair

Blanket of Stars

Evening Sky

Rhyme of the Bard

Edge of Forever

Pure Rancor

Harvest of Souls

Reign of Deceit

Usurper's Ambition

Age of Wonders

Days Gone By

Silence is Golden

Silence Speaks Volumes

When the Wind Blows

Gathering of Hawks

Warrior Untamed

Death to the Soul

Prayer for the Dying

Gift of Peace

Declaration of War

Fleet of Foot

Sound of Mind

Healthy of Body

Here Be Dragons

Upon My Honor

Sworn to Serve

Upholding Truth

Despicable Behavior

Remains of the Day

Lady in Waiting

Gone Are the Days

The Four Winds

Leaving the Nest

Learning to Fly

Confident Report

The Art of War

Conqueror's Feast

Antics of the Jester

Stairway to Heaven

Smoke on the Water

Wine, Women and Song

Threat of Storms

Dance on Your Grave

Fortune's Fool

Whirling Dervish

Enemy of the State

Ranger's Path

Crimson Crusade

Forced Into Action

Dazed and Confused

Grandiose Dreams

Prisoner’s Anguish

Troubled Thoughts

Disparate Paths

Embracing Solitude

Scars of the Forefathers

Mother’s Milk

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