[LOD v.1.10 & 1.11] Median_2 v1.17

[LOD v.1.10 & 1.11] Median_2 v1.17

Description: Tested and reviewed by volf

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Remember the first time you played diablo2, the excitement when you got your first skill point (what skill to try first?), the first time you found a rare or unique item. Countless hours of rediscovery and excitement. Median 2 is a mod that truly succeeds in bringing back this feeling.

What will strike you first is a completely new skill system that works rather well. There are shared skills and class specific skills. The class skills (at least most of them) do not require mana to be used witch make the beginning of the game allot more interesting.

The new skill system does also allow bigger variety in character builds, example you can build a ranged barbarian or turn a sorceress in to a melee combat machine.

The monsters might look like the ones you know but make no mistake they are wary different as their behavior and skills have been replaced. The first ones you will run in to are the good old quill rats, except these critters will hit you with a surprise when they die. Many of the monsters trigger a trap or missile when killed so the player will need to think twice before rushing in to a pack of monsters and begin mass killing.

Going treasure hunting! In the original game you soon notice that most of the items aren't worth picking up. In Median 2 practically every item that drops is a potential treasure. You found a belt with 10 in defense, the next belt you find might have 100 defense, this applies for all wearable items including unique ones. this feature will keep the game interesting for a wary long time.

The hirelings are also improved with new skills and abilities, the rogues can fire a ring of arrows in all directions, desert hirelings can morph in a to a powerful ware bear tank, act3 hirelings use a variety of offensive spells. Sorry didn't ever test act5 hirelings, the ware bears became my favorites rather fast as I went with a range character.
Later on in the game your hireling becomes wary important, if your hireling dies in the wrong place you will be in big trouble.

At times when playing everything goes smoothly, seems almost easy at times. Other times you will make a mistake and get in to big trouble. My first problem area was down in claw viper temple, hireling and minions died and that was it. Luckily I was playing with a friend so after a few deaths the area was cleaned and day was saved. Second big problem hit us on the way down to Baal, in hell difficulties it took about 6 hours to get down there and kill him but the feeling when Baal finally dropped was truly sweet :). Reason for the big problem turned out to be a bug witch is fixed now thou.
During the 3 weeks I tested median2 I haven't really had any crashes so this mod seems wary stable, only problems have been lag when playing with friends caused by to many spells being used at the same time but that's not really even worth mentioning as its no worse than in the unmodded game.

Why should you try this mod?

To answer that question here is how I ended up playing it!

It all started in a irc discussion with Brother Laz, I was joking about testing M2 with intention of finding bugs and problems with the mod to be used as ammunition against him. Well long story short, never did find anything negative (guess jokes on me), instead I ended up getting hooked and played the game from normal - hell once hell was conquered I played until my character reached level 99 then on to the next character.

I do recommend this mod, its pure magic and hours of entertainment. Another big + is the small file size, despite of all the changes this mod introduces the file size is around 8mb so its no big deal to download it and give it a try.

[url=http://modsbylaz.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/]Visit Median 2 site[/url]

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