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MonEquip.txt File Guide
By Nefarius

Note: Before you can do anything in here, you must set the inventory column in MonStats.txt to true (1).
this tells the game to look for equipment data inside MonEquip.txt

NOTE: Never set that column to true if you don't have the appropriate entries in MonEquip.txt, you will get an unhandled exception.
Furthermore, you should leave the last line intact, if you add new lines add them infront of the last line.

monster: This column contains the ID pointer to MonStats.txt, make sure this is accurate (otherwise you will crash for the same reasons as above).

oninit: Boolean, 0 = monster is created by skill, 1 = monster is created by level.

item1-3: The 3-4 letter code of the item from weapons, armor or misc.txt

loc1-3: The slot to equip the item in. (see BodyLocs.txt for more details)

mod1-3: Item quality of the equipped item. (see table below)

eol: End of Line.

Item Quality:

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1	low quality
2	normal
3	superior
4	magic
5	set
6	rare
7	unique
8	crafted
9	tempered

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