Adding New Items To Armor.txt

Adding New Items To Armor.txt

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OK, there are two ways to do this: either you can copy
an item, and change the attributes you feel confident
with, or you can start totally from scratch. I'm going
to deal with the second one, because it will answer a
lot more questions.

I'll also be telling you about columns by their names
and excel letter assignments, because with excel you
can skip to any column you know the letter of with
that nifty little box in the topleft corner.

The first column here is purely cosmetic, however
you'll want to put the name you have in string.tbl
here, too, so you know what your item is.

Next to it is version. If for any reason you'd like to
disable an item, put 1 or 100 in this column. You can
enable x-pack items in CD2 by changing their versions
to 0.

Compactsave is simply set to 0 for everything. I don't
think armor use this, and I have no idea why it is
still included in the 1.08 texts...

Rarity gives a little control over the frequency of
the item's drop, but not much. It is mostly controlled
in treasureclass. Only excessively high numbers will
have an effect here (notice gems have double-digit
numbers, and they drop less frequently)

Spawnable is always set to 1 in 1.08- however if you
simply copied a row to make an exceptional version of
one of you items, set it to 0 to save yourself the
work of editing shopkeeper entries.

Minac and Maxac are what control armor DR. If set to
the same figure your armor will ALWAYS generate that
amount of defense, and if set differently then the
formula to find out the range is: Maxac - Minac - 1
for CD2, and Maxac - Minac for D2X.

Absorbs, I believe is subtracted from monster AR...
not sure though, it does have some non-DR defensive
value though :)

Speed controls how this armor slows the character.
You'll notice most heavy armors have 10, and that
mails have 5. You can make an armor speed someone up
by putting -5 or -10 or negative anything here.

Reqstr is how many points in strength you need to
equip the armor.

Block is only for shields, and is the block % in CD2
without class modifiers (if they look too small, this
is why), and is the block % in D2X without class
modifiers and without accounting for level and dex.

Durability and nodurability explain themselves.
Setting nodurability to 0 allows durability, and
setting it to one will make the item indestructable.
Setting durability to won't work without setting
nodurability to 1.

Level is the itemlevel, used for determining what sort
of mods it should get and whether monsters should
realistically be able to drop this item.

level requirement, cost, and gamble cost, should all
explain themselves.

Code is VERY important. It is the source of most of
the bugs when you first try to make a new item. Change
this to an UNUSED code. It may not be used in
misc.txt, armor.txt, or weapons.txt. Exceptional and
Elite items as a general rule either have x, u, or a
number in front of their code. You will need to make
an entry in patchstring.tbl with the same name as this
code, and then put your item's name in it, if you want
to avoid: 'not xlated call ken' errors.

Magic level is currently only set on circlets - I
believe it makes the level of affixes on the item a
bit more concrete.

Auto prefix is covered in detail in the exclusive item
tutorial. This column makes the game pick an affix
from automagic.txt, with the group number you put in
this column, every time the item is generated. This
could make for interesting items, such as elf/drow
chainmail that gains/loses defense in the night

alternategfx is what graphics the game uses on your
character to display an item. You CAN'T add a new code
in here at the moment. You will have to copy this from
an item you like the look of. Don't copy it from the
expansion columns if your mod is for CD2. It doesn't
contain those graphics.

Openbetagfx does nothing. It's a reference column.
Fill it if you like :)

Normal, uber, and ultra codes need to be filled in the
same for the normal, exceptional, and elite versions
of items. For skull caps they are skp, xkp, and ukp
respectively- if the x and u codes you want are taken,
use 1-0 instead (note: blizzard have avoided using 0
in their text files for codes, so if you want to be
SURE a code won't conflict, use a 0 in front of it)
Note that these codes will need to match an actual
item. I don't know what will happen if you leave them
blank, but if you point to a version 1/100 item the
item won't upgrade.

Spelloffset is another 'set to 0 and ignore' column,
as far as I know.

Component should be copied from an item of the same
type. If you're making a helm, use the same entry as
for one of the helms.

Invwidth and invheight are the size of an item in your
inventory. Long staves are 1 width and 4 height, for

Hasinv is set to 1 for items with sockets, 0 for those
without. I'd follow this rule.

Gemsockets is the number of sockets this particular
item can have.

Gemapplytype controls whether the item uses helm,
shield, or weapon socketing affects. (helm and armor
use the same type, dispite getting different listings
on gem descriptions)

Flippyfile is the graphic this item has when dropping.
I'm not sure if we can make new ones at the moment,
but the codes you put in this column match the files
that look like: 'flpltp.dc6.'

Invfile is the filename of the item graphics to use.
If you've inserted your own, use it's file name, and
insert the .dc6 file to data\global\items\.

Uniqueinvfile and Setinvfile work the same as invfile,
except they display only when they item is set or

The next six columns are for body armors only- press
'del' in these columns if you are making an item that
is not a body armor. Otherwise, 0 is the 'nude'
graphic for this part of the character, 2 is the fully
decked out one. You'll notice that in D2 each
combination isn't unique. You can modify it so that
you can tell what armor someone is wearing by their
ingame graphics, if you want :)

The next file columns should be set to 0. They were
probably kept from an early stage in programming when
weapons.txt and armor.txt were the same file.

Type should match one of the ones in itemtypes.txt. If
you don't want to use a new one, simply go to a
similar item that you used for your 'component'
column, and copy it's entry.

Sound is the sound the item makes when it is moved in
your inventory.

Unique should be set to 0. It is only used for quest
items, or items, for some odd reason, you would like
to ONLY show up as unique.

Not sure if transperent does anything. Set it to 1 if
you'd like to experiment. Otherwise simply zero it and
ignore it.

transtbl is set to 5. Do this, then ignore it :)

Quivered was inherited from weapons.txt. Set to 0 and

Lightradius COULD be used to make this item give you a
larger light radius, without it listing this quality.
Set it to 0 unless you want to make some cool
always-glowing item :)

Belt is used ONLY for belt types (or another itemtype
mimicing belts), and refers to a row in belts.txt. Set
this to the same as the belt you'd like to mimic the
capacity of.

Quest and missiletype can be set to 0 and ingored.

Durwarning is when the armor indicated shows up,
telling the player their armor is damaged.

qntwarning is set to 0 and ignored in armor.txt.

mindam and maxdam are for shields. They control smite

Set gemoffset to 0.

Bitfield should mimic a similar item. I have no idea
what it does, but it seems to vary.

The next million columns control how items appear at
NPCs. NPCmin and NPCmax control how many
normal/superior/damaged/socketed items show up,
NPCmagmin and NPCmagmax control how many magic ones
show up. If you are adding a lot of items, I suggest
setting the min columns for every item to 0, thus
NEVER allowing the shopkeepers to be so full they
crash the game.

I just set NPCmaglevel to 1 if the item is sold, 255
if it isn't. I'm not sure if changing it otherwise
will do much.

Sourceart and Gameart ignored. Press 'del' in them if
you accidentally add something.

Transform and invtrans have something to do with how
the game processes the graphics files. Mimic a similar
item for this.

Skipname should be set to 0. This may give you bugs if
you set it to 1.

Nightmareupgrade and Hellupgrade will replace this
item with another at vendors in nightmare and hell. So
if you want to make gambling in higher difficulties
obsolete, set these to it's exceptional and elite
codes :)

Mindam and Maxdam here control smite damage. I'm not
sure which one is the one that is read, so set them

Nameable is whether the naming quest reward in D2X can
be used on this item.

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