The Enchanted Bonemaul

The Enchanted Bonemaul

Description: by Phrozen Heart [written 2000/2001]

Categories: Tutorials (1.00-1.06x)

To use this tutorial, you need a basic grasp of mod making so see tutorial 1 if this isn't the case.

1. Changing the appearance

Go down the list of weapons in weapons.txt until you find the maul line and then go

across to columns BE and BF. These are the names of the DC6 files that represent the

regular and unique maul inventory graphics. To give the maul the bone maul look, simply

copy the BF column value (invmauu) to column BE (invmau) and then blank the BF value.

2. Changing the name

In the weapons.txt file once again, go to column AD which is the 3 letter code that

represents the weapon throughout the game code. All you need to do is use Baron

Darkstorm's Table Editor v1.02 (or similar), load up the string.tbl file from the patch

and search for the string key in question which is 'mau' and change the value from 'Maul'

to 'Bone Maul'.

3. Granting necro powers

This is actually a lot simpler than most people think. All the columns in weapons.txt

that state things like 'Necromancer' and 'magically charged' aren't actually required

and are mainly used as notes. To give the new Bone Maul necromancer skills, simply go

to column BI which is marked 'Type' which should read 31 which is the weapon type for

all of the hammer-like weapons (maul, great maul, war hammer). All you need to do is

change the value to a 25 which is the wand type. You shouldn't have any problems with

the Bone Maul but weird things start happening when you add this weapon type to things

like scythes. Not only is the enchanted ability tied to the item type but so is the

weapon class. Here are the three enchanted item types :

24 - Scepter Type - Mace class, 150% damage to undead, paladin skills

25 - Wand Type - Mace class, 150% damage to undead, necro skills

26 - Staff Type - Staff class, sorceress skills

4. Finishing Touches

Personally, I'd go into the uniqueitems.txt file as well and make the following changes

but it isn't essential. Go to column G which should be titled invtransform and then go down

until you find the Bonesnap (or Bonesob as it calls it) line and set this value to 1. This

means that the game will apply a color shift to the unique version's inventory graphic

rather than it just looking like the regular version. The column next to that (column H)

is the number value for the color of the color shift.

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