Using MPQView

Using MPQView

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MPQview is a simple windows program that allows you to view and extract
the contents of any MPQ archive and is available from our tools of the trade section.

1. When you first load it up you have to select a txt file or 'data
file' as the utility calls it. All this file does is feeds the program
the names and locations
of all the files contained inside of that particular MPQ. This file
varies in name but is usually called d2dataall.txt or similar and is
generally included in the
zip file with MPQView. To open up this data file, just go to the file
menu and you'll see the 'Open data file' option. Once loaded, the
program now
knows where to look in the MPQ for the files you need.

2. Now you are ready to open an archive. Press the 'open
archive' button and choose an mpq to look at. Lets say you choose
patch_d2.mpq. Now you will see a list of files. which is all of the
files inside that mpq archive. You will see some txt
files and maybe some dc6 or dcc files amongst others.

3. Let's say you wanted to change the maximum number of arrows
stackable in a single quiver which is found in the misc.txt file. As
you know it's a .txt file you want, change the box in the bottom left
corner from *.* to *.txt which will display all of the files ending in
.txt in that archive. Find and highlight
the misc.txt file and click on the save button then just pick your
directory and save the file.

Congratulations, you nowknow how to extract files from mpq archives.

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