Using MPQ2K

Using MPQ2K

Description: by Fusman and Phrozen Heart

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Once you've made your desired changes, you need to re-insert your
modded files back into your patch_d2.mpq. For that you need MPQ 2K v1.x
is available from our tools of the trade section.
There is a v2.0 and beyond available but these are designed for use
with Starcraft and will not work for
Diablo 2. MPQ 2K is a DOS program so it's not as straightforward as
MPQview. You will need to make some scripts for it to work which are
simple text files that tell the program what to do. The best way to use
scripts is to make some .bat files to help out. For those of you who
unfamiliar with batch files click here for some assistance.
To insert the file (for this example let's say the misc.txt file) into
the patch_d2.mpq you will need to make a script like this one:

O patch_d2.mpq

A misc.txt data\global\excel\misc.txt

C patch_d2.mpq

Just open up notepad and make a file called
mymod.txt. All your scripts need to start with the 'O' key which tells
mpq2k to open an mpq file for editing. The 'A' key tells mpq2k to ADD
misc.txt to the data\global\excel' directory. Make sure the files go
back into the same path they were extracted from or they won't work.
You can see what directory each file belongs to using mpqview. The 'C'
key tells mpq2k to close the mpq. Save your script and call it

Now for the bat file. Open notepad and write this:

mpq2k s mymod.txt

Save this file as mymod.bat. To save files as bat files you

need to select 'all files' in the 'save as type' box. This bat file runs the mpq2k program with the

's' switch on to run that script called

'mymod.txt'. When you've made both the script file and

the bat file just double click on your bat file and your misc.txt

will be inserted into patch_d2.mpq. Note that you have to have

your original or the mpq file you want to modify in the directory

also. Just copy your original patch_d2.mpq to your mod making

directory. Do NOT insert modified txt files into d2data.mpq, only
use patch_d2.mpq for modding. Make sure all the files you are working with are in the

same directory. It's better to make a whole new directory for

these modding files. Once you've inserted your misc.txt into

patch_d2.mpq you're done. Congratulations you've just made a mod.


Since the release of the v1.08 patch, you will need to read this information unless your are creating a mod for a previous version

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