Turning Teeth into Ice Bolts

Turning Teeth into Ice Bolts

Description: by Fusman [written 2000/2001]

Categories: Tutorials (1.00-1.06x)

In this tutorial I'm gonna try to explain skill mods a bit. Backup the files you're gona mess with !!
We're giong to change the teeth skill for the Necromancer into Ice bolts like I did in my Werzion X mod.

I'll assume some things in this tutorial, like you have made mods
before and know how to extract/insert the txt files into mpq files and
all that.

There are 3 files you need to extract and modify for this mod. They are missiles.txt, skills.txt and string.tbl (click here for more help on this)

1. First up, missiles.txt, open it in excel and find the row for teeth. It's row nr. 116.

2a. Change the color columns to 81/81/255 the default for teeth
is 255/255/255, the columns are number J, K and L. I'm talking about
your Excel spreadsheet rows and columns if you're wondering.

2b. Column P says Celfile, change that from 'teethmissile' to
2c. Column Q says Animlen change the number in that cell from 30 to 6,
this tells the game how many frames there are in the icebolt animation.

2d. Column O says Loopanim, change that from 0 to 1. This tells
the game to loop the entire animation over and over again while that
missile is in flight.

2e. Columns S (subloop), T (substart) and U (substop) should all
be 0 like it says in the icebolt row, that row is number 61 if you want
to check it out.

And that's it for missiles.txt. Exit excel and save your work.

3a. Open up skills.txt and find the row for the teeth skill,
it's number 69. Go to column BZ, in that cell is the number 3, you need
to change that number to 4. This is the Etype column. It tells the game
what kind of elemental damage a skill does. The numbers you can put in
the Etype skills are 1 for fire, 2 for lightning, 3 for magic, 4 for
cold, 5 for poison. And you set it to 4 for this mod we're doing right
now. After the release of the v1.08 patch, these Etypes have been
simplified to fire, ltng, mag, cold and poison.

3b. The next two columns are for min and max damage of that Etype
you just set in the Etype column, let's leave it like it is for this

3c. Column CD, called Elen, is next up, it tells the game how many
frames the cold is in effect, 1 second is 25 frames. So if you set the
number in that cell to 50 than the monster that gets hit by a ice bolt
should be frozen for about 2 seconds, so let's set it to 50.

3d. The column next to it is the Elevlen column it tells the game
if the duration you set in the Elen column (those 2 seconds) is
with each skill point you add to the skill, lets just leave it at 0 for
this mod. Now exit excel and save your work.

4a. Now open up string.tbl with the TBLedit102 available in the tools of the trade

section. Click the Search button, type in 'Teeth'. The first key you
will see in the search is called StrSkill28 and it says 'teeth' just
change that to 'bolts'.

4b. Continue the search and you will find a key called Skillname67 and it says 'teeth', change that to 'Ice Bolts'.

4c. There are 3 keys directly below this key that you'll need to
change. They are Skillsd67, Skilld67 and Skillan67, change the text in
those to whatever you like. Like Skillsd67 says 'fires barbed teeth',
change that to something like 'fires ice bolts', and change Skillan67,
it also says 'teeth', to Ice bolts. Now save and exit.

5. Now add these 3 modified files to your patch_d2.mpq (click here for more help on this). For those of

you wondering what the line in you script file for adding the

string.tbl file should be:

A string.tbl data\local\lng\eng\string.tbl

If you dont know what scripts are you need to read this tutorial on mpq 2k.

Once you've added these 3 files to your patch_d2.mpq you're done.

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