Set Items Tutorial

Set Items Tutorial

Description: by Perfect Cell

Categories: Tutorials (1.00-1.06x)

The files you will need to alter are:

1. setitems.txt (location: data\global\excel\setitems.txt)

2. string.tbl (*location: data\local\lng\eng\string.tbl)

* there are also other locations for strings for other languages:

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\CHI\string.tbl (Chinese)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\DEU\string.tbl (German)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\ESP\string.tbl (Spanish)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\FRA\string.tbl (French)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\ITA\string.tbl (Italian)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\JPN\string.tbl (Japanese)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\KOR\string.tbl (Korean)

  • data\LOCAL\LNG\POL\string.tbl (Polish?)

Now, to the setitems.txt . . . If you have read the file guide found

here, you will

have a basic idea of what the file is all about. If you don't, you'll

quickly catch on during the tutorial.

For this example, we will make a small set called Diablo's End,

that contains some items from Diablo I. First, you should read Rana's

Enquettar tutorial,

it will make adding to the string.tbl for Blizzard 1.0x Diablo II patches

so much easier compared to using a tbleditor. Then, after installing Perl

add ;:\\BIN so you can run

perl from any directory. Unzip the into your mod working directory, so it can also be run :)

First of all, we should plan what we want in the set, and what the items

will be called. Since I want this example short, here's what's gonna be in our set:

  • Set Name: Diablo's End

  • Set Prefix: Diablo's

  • Set Item1: Armor of Gloom

  • Set Item2: Optic Amulet

Now, let's get to the step-by-step process of adding the new set. First,

we must prepare for adding the codes to the string.tbl using Enquettar:

  1. Make a file called stringchanges.txt file with the text below found in italics:

    a 'Diablo's End' 'Diablo's End'

    this is the set name (code) and set name (in game)

    a 'Diablo's' 'Diablo's'

    this is the set prefix (code) and set prefix name (in game)

    a 'Dgloom' 'Armor of Gloom'

    this is the first set suffix (code) and item name (in game)

    a 'Doptic' 'Optic Amulet'

    this is the second set suffix (code) and item name (in game)

    ** we will add the changes to the string.tbl in the last step

  2. Go into the setitems.txt and remove one full line (except row 1 ^_^)

    In this example, I removed row 2 (Arctic Gear)

  3. Now, in column A (under 'Name') enter Diablo's End

    (the name of the set from the 1st/Enquettar step)

    • this makes the game look for 'Diablo's End' in the string.tbl for the set name

  4. Next, enter Diablo's in column B (under 'Prefix')

    • this makes the game look for the 'Diablo's' prefix when making a set item

  5. Third, enter 0 in column C (under 'Version')

    this column was added in 1.04

  6. Column D, the next column (under 'Level') is entirely up to you, it determines

    the level requirements of the items in the set

    • set Column D to 27

  7. Column E ('NumItems') determines how many items the game looks for in this

    particular set. Since we only have 2 items

    • set Column E to 2

  8. Column F ('NumProperties') is probably the second most important column in this file,

    it will tell the game how many magic properties apply to the whole set. This

    includes magic properties for each item!

    For a simple equation, simply add this up:

    (Number of Set Items * 2) + (Set Bonuses)

    I have a 2 piece set, and I want 2 bonuses for getting the whole set, so I get:

    (2 * 2) + (2) = 6

    • set Column F to 14

  9. Column G ('Transform') determines whether the set items will morph into a

    color different than their item color. 0 means no, and 1 means yes.

    • set Column G to 1

  10. Column H ('Transformcolor') is the second half of the 'Transform' column.

    If you set column g to 1, then set this column to the color you'd want the

    set items to change to. For example, Arcanna's Set morphs to blue items. The

    full color list is given at the bottom of the tutorial

    • set Column H to 16

  11. Columns I-K are all tied together to determine what set item 1's item type and name will be.

    Column I ('ItemType1') will determine what type of item the first set item will be.

    In my example, I want Full Plate as the item type, from armor.txt, you will find that

    it is also called Full Plate there

    • set Column I to Full Plate

  12. Column J ('Item1') also determines the item type. This is the second half to

    column i, and requires the item code. The code for Full Plate is ful

    • set Column J to ful

  13. Column K ('Item1Suffix') is code of the set item in string.tbl used by the game to find

    the set item's name. Since we gave the code DGloom in our stringchanges.txt,

    we must enter that here, too. Don't worry, the item won't be called 'Dgloom' in game,

    it will be called 'Armor of Gloom'

    • set Column K to Dgloom

  14. Repeat steps 11-13 for the Optic Amulet

    • set Column L to Amulet

    • set Column M to amu

    • set Column N to Doptic

  15. Columns O-Z will be blank because we only have 4 set items

    • leave Column O to Column Z blank

  16. Columns AA-AD ('PropertyMod1Code', 'PropertyMod1Offset', 'PropertyMod1Min' and

    'PropertyMod1Max') are all used as the first of two magic properties for the

    first set item (Armor of Gloom). If you remember the Armor of Gloom from Diablo,

    one of the main modifiers was no strength requirements. The code for this

    magic modifier is rq00 (-requirements). Since we want no requirements, we will set this

    to 0. So, in column AA enter rq00, in column AB enter -1 (it's always -1),

    in column AC and AD enter 100. This makes the item have -100% strength requirements,

    so zero strength is needed to wear the item.

    • set Column AA to rq00

    • set Column AB to -1

    • set Column AC to 100

    • set Column AD to 100

  17. Columns AE-AH ('PropertyMod2Code', 'PropertyMod2Offset', 'PropertyMod2Min' and

    'PropertyMod2Max') are all used as the second of two magic properties for the

    first set item (Armor of Gloom). The other main bonus on the item from D1 was the,

    high defense rating. We'll add 60 defense in this example. The code for this

    magic modifier is ar00 (+x defense). Since we want +60 defense, we will set this

    to 60. So, in column AE enter ar00, in column AF enter -1 (it's always -1),

    in column AG and AH enter 60. This makes the item also have +60 defense.

    • set Column AE to ar00

    • set Column AF to -1

    • set Column AG to 60

    • set Column AH to 60

  18. Columns AI-AP ('PropertyMod3Code', etc) are used to give the 2 bonuses on the 2nd

    set item (Optic Amulet), I used the big light resist and damage reduction, so the

    values to enter are: AI = rl00 (light resist), AJ = -1 (as always), AK = 40,

    AL = 40 (40-40% light resist) and AM = ar01 (damage reduced by), AN = -1 (as always),

    AO = 1, AP = 1 (-1 damage from enemies).

    • set Column AI to rl00

    • set Column AJ to -1

    • set Column AK to 40

    • set Column AL to 40

    • set Column AM to ar01

    • set Column AN to -1

    • set Column AO to 1

    • set Column AP to 1

  19. Columns AQ-AX ('PropertyMod5Code', etc) will give the 2 set bonuses to the set.

    Let's add +15 to dexterity, and cannot be frozen. * Note: because sp10 (cannot

    be frozen) is a boolean variable, we only need to set it to 1.

    • set Column AQ to dx00

    • set Column AR to -1

    • set Column AS to 15

    • set Column AT to 15

    • set Column AU to sp10

    • set Column AV to -1

    • set Column AW to 1

    • set Column AX to 1

  20. Remember step 1? Well, now we're going to add the stuff to the string.tbl using

    Enquettar. First, extract the string.tbl from patch_d2.mpq located at data\local\lng\eng\string.tbl

    and put it in your directory (wherever you do your mpq2k stuff). Make sure you

    have these files in your directory:

    1. string.tbl
    3. stringchanges.txt
    4. patch_d2.mpq

    Now, go to Command Prompt and run perl with this command line:

    perl string.tbl stringchanges.txt > newstring.tbl

    Now, you should have a new file called 'newstring.tbl' in your directory. Let's insert

    this back into the .mpq:

    mpq2k a patch_d2.mpq newstring.tbl data\local\lng\eng\string.tbl

  21. Quick recap

    • For making a set, you must add the set name (and code), the set prefix

      (and code) and each set item name (and code) in order to have each item work properly in-game

    • Each set item has 2 magic modifiers.

    • Your Set Item Bonus comes after all item bonuses

    • Your Number of Modifiers is gotten by multiplying 2x your number of set items, plus the

      number of modifiers you want for the bonus

    • The set must replace an old set

    • You must add the codes and names for all items to the string.tbl for the game to

      recognize the set

  22. Ondo's Color Chart

    0WhitePerfect Diamond, Sigon's, Bloodthief
    1GrayDiamond Gems, Angelical, Bladebone, Culwen's Point, Gull, The Tannr Gorerod, Grayform, Magefist
    2Black (Light)Skull Gems, Iratha's, Rakescar, The Diggler, Howltusk, Goblin Toe
    3Black (Dark)Perfect
    Skull, Sage, Shrewd, Vivid, Cerulean, Vermilion, Forked, of Carnage, of
    Slaughter, of Performance, The Humongous, Crushflange, Rixots Keen,
    Dimoaks Hew, Undead Crown, Snakecord
    4BlueSapphire, Vidala's, Arcanna's, Uwe's Lament, The Battlebranch, The Face of Horror, Goldwrap
    Gems, Devious, Fortified, of Life, Milabrega's, Maelstromwrath, The
    Generals Tan Do Li Ga, Irices Shard, Woestave, Gorefoot
    Sapphire, Vulpine, Drake's, Dragon's, Wyrm's, of the Vampire,
    Ironstone, Ripsaw, Pluckeye, Heavenly Garb, The Hand of Broc
    7RedRuby, Cleglaw's, Death's, Lance of Yagai, Witherstring, Chance Guards
    8RedRuby Gems, of Burning, of Defiance, Hsarus', Berserker's, The Salamander, Rimeraven, Blinkbats Form, Frostburn
    9RedPerfect Ruby, of Regrowth, of the Tiger, of the Mammoth, of the Locust, Stormeye, The Centurion, Hotspur
    10GreenEmerald, Bane Ash, Twitchthroe, Treads of Cthon
    11GreenEmerald Gems, of Pestilence, Cathan's, Soulflay, Wizendraw, Darkglow, Tearhaunch
    12GreenPerfect Emerald, +2 to [Class] Skills, Steeldriver, Steelgoad, Serpent Lord, Hawkmail, Lenyms Cord
    13YellowPerfect Topaz, Glowing, Amber, Civerb's, Infernal, Blastbark, Sparkling Mail, Nightsmoke
    14YellowTopaz Gems, of Quickness, of Thunder, of Stability, The Iron Jang Bong, Venomsward, Bladebuckle
    15GoldGold, Platinum, Meteoric, of Wealth, of Fortune, Isenhart's, Arctic, Rusthandle, Iceblink
    Holy, Massive, Savage, Merciless, Knight's, Lord's, King's, of
    Perfection, of Sorcery, of Wizardry, of the Giant, of the Titan,
    Tancred's, Boneflesh
    17Purple (Light)Perfect Amethyst, Prismatic, Fechmar's Axe, The Grim Reaper, Rockfleece
    18Purple (Dark)Amethyst Gems, Goreshovel, The Dragon Chang, Rattlecage
    19Orangeof Spikes, Tarnhelm, Bloodfist

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