How to Get Rid of Your Fellow ModPlayers

How to Get Rid of Your Fellow ModPlayers

Description: Guide : How to be a real Megalomaniac and annoy an entire community.

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Getting rid of modmakers is just the first step to megalomania. Want to really do some damage? Here’s a guide on how to get rid of an entire forum/community:

1. Play for 2 days and claim to be godly.
2. Play for 5 weeks and claim to be godly.
3. Play for 5 months and claim to be godly.
4. Play for 5 years and claim to be godly.
5. Claim you know not only how to beat the mod but you study the “science” of it, know it and know it better than everyone else including the modmaker himself.
6. Tell all other players they claim to be experts even when they don’t do so and proceed to dismiss them out of hand because you are so much better.
7. Provide no evidence for your outrageous claims. You know you are better than everyone else put together so why should you have to prove it.
8. When you do provide evidence, make sure you copy what other mod players have already posted (those so-called experts that haven’t got a clue) and post it as original work.
9. Get someone with similar megalomaniac tendencies to back you up without either of you providing evidence. Doesn’t have to be a moderator but it may carry more weight if it is.
10. Ask players to send you their characters so you can make them minor-gods and either (a) return them unchanged (b) return them as slightly less minor-gods than they could twink themselves (c) don’t return them and keep their items.
11. Post about how to twink a low level character and delude yourself this is the much vaunted “science” you are so fond of talking about. Make sure the twinking is consistent with the copying in 8 above. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, you are supreme and everyone else is just a n00b.
12. Ask everyone else that plays to prove you wrong. You know you are right, it’s up to them to prove you wrong.
13. Tell everyone who plays that you could tell them the secrets of your “science” but that they wouldn’t understand it so there is no point revealing it.
14. When all else fails simply say “you didn’t read what I said properly” and refuse to engage in any further dialogue.

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