Interview - (2008-02-10) Onyx

Interview - (2008-02-10) Onyx

Description: Joe the Acolyte from Planet Diablo interviews Onyx of the Phrozen Keep on the release of Back to Hellfire v1.00.

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We spoke with Onyx, the creator and developer of the Back to Hellfire mod for Game Patch v1.10 Lord of Destruction, to learn more about his project of four years from its inspiration to its latest incarnation. This fantastic mod keeps the series alive and even returns to its past to recreate and relive the best elements of Blizzard North's original game and Sierra Studios' expansion. Onyx just released a new milestone for the mod, taking it out of beta and bringing it to Version 1.0, with a slew of major new features, not the least of which are two new playable character classes. Enjoy the dialogue and don't forget to download and try Back to Hellfire. Sorry Mac users, this is a Windows-only mod.

Click here for the full interview, published on Planet Diablo.

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