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Monprop.txt Fileguide by cla$$ics

MonProp is used together with: Properties.txt

And it is used by: MonStats.txt

ID - The name referenced by MonStats.txt,
WARNING: its case sensitive AFAIK

Prop X - Prop X(N) - Prop X(H): These fields handle which properties will be assigned to the monster, respectively for Normal - Nightmare - Hell.

Chance X - Chance X(N) - Chance X(H): The chance the aforementioned properties will be assigned to a monster. It is calculated in percentage.

Par X - Par X(N) - Par X(H): They act as parameters for the Prop X fields.

min X - Min X(N) - Min X(H) - Max X - Max X(N) - Max X(H): Minimum and maximum values the properties can have.

*eol: Put a 0 here to avoid errors ingame then you using Microsoft's Excell then editing your Monprot.txt file.

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