D2 Mod Players are not obsessed

D2 Mod Players are not obsessed

Description: True story (allegedly)

Categories: Humor

It always galls me that my fellow mod players and I are accused of being 'obsessed'. Nothing could be farther from the truth :!:

Just the other day I was playing my favourite mod with my friend and he managed to reinforce my belief that there is hope for the human race even now in these dark times of recession.

We approached the 'Throne of Destruction' laying waste to all in our path and suddenly, we both glanced out of the window at the same time only to see a funeral procession going past. Thinking to myself 'poor soul' I was about to go back to demon slaying but my friend suddenly stopped altogether, stood up, took his baseball cap off, folded it under his arms and bowed his head (50 yrs old wearing a baseball cap..I ask you).

I then said to my friend; 'I thought the old ways were long gone....respect and honour, propriety and good human values. I respect you for that and am humbled by your actions.'

To which he replied.....'It was the least I could do. After all, I was married to her for 30 years.'

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