a stationary avatar

a stationary avatar

Description: idea by brother laz, explained by whist

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A stationary avatar:

ok, first, this idea is not from me. this skill has been made by brother laz in the median mod. I am just explaining how to do it.
i will explain you how to make a stationary avatar that casts some frost novas.

Difficulty level: medium

tools needed:

AFJ sheet editor
AFJ tbl edit
skilldesc.txt (only if you want to add a description to your skill.

to follow this tutorial, you have to know how to use the needed tools.
I also recommend to read the file guides of skills.txt, missiles.txt and skilldesc.txt

first, we will have to extract an animation in d2data.mpq because we will use the summoner animation as avatar.
so open d2data.mpq, using winMPQ and extract the following files:

now the extracted file in your missiles folder (data\global\missiles\)
rename it to statavatar.dcc

now we can start to make our avatar skill. first open missiles.txt and scroll down to frozenorb line.
copy frozenorb line and paste it at the bottom, make these changes:
Missile: statavatar
Id: next in your missiles.txt
pCltHitFunc: blank
pSrvHitFunc: blank
Param1: 12
Param2: 1
CltParam1: 12
CltParam2: 1
{filtered}: blank
*server hit param1 desc: blank
cHitPar1: blank
*client hit param1 desc: blank
Vel: blank
MaxVel: blank
Range: 200
CelFile: statavatar
AnimLen: 11
pierce: 1
NumDirections: 16
TravelSound: monster_summoner_taunt_1
ExplosionMissile: freezingarrowexp1
SubMissile1: avatardelay
HitSubMissile1: blank
CltSubMissile1: avatardelay
CltHitSubMissile1: blank
now scroll down to glacialspike line. copy glacialspike line and paste it at the bottom.
make the following changes:
Missile: avatardelay
Id: next in your missiles.txt
pCltHitFunc: 30
pSrvHitFunc: 29
{filtered}: 1
*server hit param1 desc: delay param
{filtered}: blank
*server hit param2 desc: blank
cHitPar1: 1
client hit param1 desc: delay param
Vel: blank
MaxVel: blank
Range: 5
LoopAnim: 2
CelFile: null
AnimLen: 1
AlwaysExplode: 1
Skill: blank
ResultFlags: 4
HitFlags: blank
EType: blank
HitClass: 64
TravelSound: monster_cast_cold
HitSound: blank
HitSubMissile1: avatarnova
CltHitSubMissile1: avatarnova
CltHitSubMissile2: blank
now we have a last missile to do. scroll down to frostnova line.
copy frostnova line at the bottom and make the following changes:
Missile: avatarnova
Id: next in your missiles.txt
Skill: Stationary Avatar
now open skills.txt and go to Meteor line. copy Meteor line and paste it at the bottom.
make these changes:
skill: Stationary Avatar
Id: next in your skills.txt
charclass: choose
skilldesc: make your own
srvmissilea: statavatar
srvmissileb: statavatar
srvmissilec: statavatar
stsound: sorceress_cast_cold
dosound: blank
castoverlay: ice_cast_1
cltmissilea: statavatar
ItemCastSound: sorceress_cast_cold
ItemCastOverlay: ice_cast_1
reqskill1: blank
reqskill2: blank
Delay: 200
Param1: 0
Param3: 0
Param4: 0
EType: cold
EDmgSymPerCalc: choose your synergy
and done! now you can test your new avatar skill.

thank you


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