stat bonus based on character attributes

stat bonus based on character attributes

Description: crushing blow based on dexterity

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ok, as most of you probably know, all characters gain some stats bonus from certain attributes.
here are some examples:

vitality: grants more life
energy: grants more mana
dexterity: grants more block chance, attack rating, defense, etc...
strength: grants more damage

This is possible to reproduce this kind of bonus, all softcoded.
Here I will explain how to make the amazon gains crushing blow, from dexterity.

first, open skills.txt and go to Avoid line (amazon skill).
copy Avoid line and paste it at the bottom.
make these changes:
skill: Innate Passive
Id: next in your skills.txt
charclass: blank, don't assign any class here.
skilldesc: none, not needed at all.
passivestate: innatepassive
passivestat1: item_crushingblow
passivecalc1: stat('dexterity'.accr)/50 (see more details at end)
reqlevel: 1
maxlvl: 99
reqskill1: blank
Param1: 0
Param2: 0

now, open states.txt and copy firemastery line.
paste firemastery line at the bottom, and rename it to innatepassive.
change the Id to the next in your states.txt

Now open charstats.txt, at amazon line.
go to the first blank skill column. (should be skill 8 column.)
enter Innate Passive in there.

now let's get back on the calc we entered in skills.txt
the calc will grants 1% crushing blow per 50 points in dexterity (counting dexterity from items)
here are some other possibilities:
stat('dexterity'.base)/50 (1% per 50 base points in dexterity (no bonus from items))
min((stat('dexterity'.accr)/50),50) (1% crushing blow per 50 points in dexterity, with a cap of 50%)
stat('dexterity'.accr)/ulvl (1% per points in dexterity, divided by the character level)

Don't forget that when you create a new character, this passive won't be directly applied.
you have to save and exit and come back, but since we use a calc based on some stats, it's not that important. and for already created characters, it will automatically be applied.


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