Color Codes for .TBL Files (v1.09x)

Color Codes for .TBL Files (v1.09x)

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You can change the color of text displayed by defining a new entry in one of the .tbl files, and preceding the display name with the color code. This will override any game-generated colors such as blue for magical items.
Color codes listed below start with à (Alt-0195) ¿ (Alt-0191):

ÿc0 - Light Gray (Item Descriptions)
ÿc1 - Red
ÿc2 - Bright Green (Set Items)
ÿc3 - Blue (Magic Items)
ÿc4 - Gold (Unique Items)
ÿc5 - Dark Gray (Socketed/Ethereal Items)
ÿc6 - Transparent (Text Doesn't Show)
ÿc7 - Tan
ÿc8 - Orange (Crafted Items)
ÿc9 - Yellow (Rare Items)
ÿc: - Dark Green
ÿc; - Purple
ÿc/ - White (Brighter than Light Gray)
ÿc. - Messed Up White (Same as above but text is messed up)

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