Item Class Codes in Skills.txt (v1.09x)

Item Class Codes in Skills.txt (v1.09x)

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These codes are used in the itemclass1-6 columns in skills.txt. They restrict certain skills to be only usable, when the character is equipped with the relevant weapon.

Code / accepted weapons or equipment:

xxx - no weapon required, skill can always be used

!bw - any weapon (even bare fist ;-) )except for bows and crossbows

bow - for bows only

xbw - for crossbows only

stf - 2handed staves, polearms, 2handed mauls

2ht - 2handed spears

2hs - 2handed swords

1ht - javelins, throwing knifes, knifes, but no throwing axes

1hs - 1handed swords, throwing axes, 1h axes, scepters, 1h clubs/maces, wands

*sd - skill only works when equipped with a shield

1js - dual wield:

right hand -> 1handed “swing” weapon (sword, axe, throwing axe, club, wand…)

left hand -> 1 handed “jab” weapon (knife, javelin, throwing knife)

1st - just like 1js, but the other way around

1ss - dual “swing” weapons

1jt - dual jab/throw weapons (no throwing axes, however)

hth - for assassins: no weapon, 1 katar, 2 katars. For other chars: no weapon (fist) only

ht1 - 1 katar

ht2 - 2 katars

Further remarks:

- 1js, 1st, 1ss, 1jt are for barbarians only, he´s the only char who can wield two weapons at once

- ht1, ht2 are for assassins only

You cannot:

- restrict auras to work with certain weapons only

- restrict passive skills to work with certain weapons only

- restrict weapon-specific skills (i.e. poison dagger, smite, fend)

- restrict melee attacks to work with ranged weapons and ranged attacks with melee weapons (ok, ok, you can do it, but it causes strange effects like missiles not doing any damage or bows only hitting enemies who stand next to you, so better avoid it)

You can:

- restrict spells (i.e. firebolt, bone spear) and curses (i.e. amplify damage) which normally don´t need any weapons to work

Have fun modding!

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