Tyrael is EVIL!

Tyrael is EVIL!

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OK, so I have determined that Tyrael, Hadriel and Cain are
all working for the Prime Evils!

Lets review:

Diablo 1:

Tyrael creates an inferior weapon and sends Izuel to the prime evils as proof of
his loyalty

Tyrael then makes the soul stones so that the 3 prime evils may incarnate in
Sanctuary (he admits he went against heavens wishes to do this in act 4)

Cain sends down hero after hero until Diablo can get one tough enough for his


Cain zombifies Grizwold and wipes the out the town of Tristram to facilitate
Diablos escape, THEN traps himself in a cage to be "rescued" by
Diablos next nemesis

Cain keeps an eye on the heros progress while offering no help except to ID some

Tyrael helps Baal escape then stays behind to delay and dishearten the hero

In act 4 Tyrael, cain AND some dude named Hadriel are there but refuse to lift a
finger to help! and notice act 4 doesnt have any angel hireling? why are the
angels refusing Tyrael any help?

Tyrael then sends you on a quest to free Izuals spirit, now that Izual has been
corrupted and convinced that the plan was his all along.

Finally when you defeat the Ancients (making the way open for Tyrael)he comes in
and destroys the worldstone!!!!

Here is a quote from the original Diablo II manual:

"Somewhere deep within the great mountain, Arreat, lies a source of great
power, crucial to the well being of all humanity"

So this seems like a big set up to me. Tyrael and Cain make a plan with the 3
prime evils! The 3 will be "overthrown" and released into the world.
Using soul stones fasioned by Tyrael, they will inhabit powerful humans and
wreak havoc. By killing the 3 they simply return to lead hell. During all this
commotion, Tyrael convinces the hero to kill the ancients to allow him access,
then tells the hero that the "world stone" is corrupted and blows it


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