Mods To Look For In The Future (Part 1)

Mods To Look For In The Future (Part 1)

Description: by Olorin

Categories: Humor

Mod Name: Zy-El:
The Fury Within

Author(s): Deathscythe, SiLenTx, aRacHnE
and Kato.

Comments: The Phrozen Keep shuts down due
to lack of interest, and the Zy-El: The Fury Within forum stuns specualtors by
taking over M$ and Blizzard. The mod team give up modding D2, and make D3

Mod Name: Baldur's Gate Mod: Throne of

Author(s): subsanity and RicFaith

Comments: Expansion
Set Features:

Two new character classes (the Assassin and the Druid) each with 30 unique

One new Act set in the Barbarian Highlands

Many new monster types, including bosses and uniques

Interactive environments, such as siege towers and fortified battlements

Thousands of new weapons, armor, and magical items, including class-specific
quest items

New recipes for the Horadric Cube

Increased Stash Size

Supports 800x600 Resolution

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Mod Name: Ancestral Recall: Really, Really
Hard Version.

Author(s): TeknoKyo

Comments: And nobody ever did work out
how to complete this mod...

Only playable if you have completed NatalyaX10, AR:CS and AR:SE on Hell, and are

Mod Name: Zy-El III

Author(s): Kato

Comments: The next installement of the Zy-El
series. More people die after forgetting to eat.

Mod Name: Overpowered

Author(s): goro3d

Comments: No animal species were
annihalated during the making of this mod.

Except for all those damn Mosquitoes...

Mod Name: Deathfile's Sancturary

Author(s): Deathfile

Comments: Well, he does
own a forum on a mod site. icon_smile.gif

Mod Name: Sancturary on Earth

Author(s): j_bouley and Goldark

Comments: Jeff and Goldark collaborate on
a new project! Due to some confusion when mixing their artistic skills, however,
it turns out that all the monsters have left the world in peace, and there is
nobody to kill.

Fileplanet Waiting Time: None! Well, ok, we lie, you have to wait anyway because
our servers are down again.

Mod Name: Sir_General's Ith Rune

Author(s): Sir_General

Comments: Now thanks to S_G's interface
changes, you can model and draw your own equipment, and make your own item

Mod Name: Hell In Chaos

Author(s): j_bouley and Goldark

Comments: The second take. Much better
results, due to the presence of big, hell-spawned scary monsters, being chaotic.

Fileplanet Waiting Time: Sorry, people want to actually download this, so we've
taken our servers offline and they're never coming back. Bite me. Nya, nya, nya.

Mod Name: Zy-El IV

Author(s): Kato

Comments: A few mod-players begin to mug
people in the hope of finding the newest sets. They give up when they find out
they're too low on mana to destroy the police.

Mod Name: Paul Siramy's DS1 Mod

Author(s): Paul Siramy.

Comments: Not to be outdone by the shifty
likes of S_G, PS allows you to edit maps in game! Paul is given the keys to

Mod Name: Rana Loreus' Mod Pack

Author(s): Rana Loreus

Comments: 598 mods for the price of none!

Mod Name: Wersion 2.

Author(s): Fusman

Comments: Wersion 2.00 of Diablo II
builds on previous mods by code-Gods and turns the game into the ultimate
editing device. Play as you mod! Get distracted! Never complete anything, like

Mod Name: Zy-El V

Author(s): Kato

Comments: The Kato machine works so hard
that it overheats and explodes! Kato retires to write poetry about flowers.

Mod Name: Demon Trip III.

Author(s): Brother Laz

Comments: The bastar.d spawn of a botched
simultaneous installation by Olorin of Demon Trip II and D2: Black.

Mod Name: Nef's And Meph's Top Secretf

Author(s): Nef an' Meph, the
'F' Brothers.

Comments: They wouldn't tell Olorin
anything about it before, and they still didn't even after it was released! Even
when he tried to install it, it recognised him and self-destructed. Nef releases
a tutorial on how to detect if Olorin is trying to install your mod.

Mod Name: Diablo II: Black

Author(s): Brother Laz

Comments: It doesn't exist, really. You
must be thinking of Demon Trip III. Shoo!

Mod Name: The Lord of the Rings

Author(s): sub-atomic, Olorin, and co.

Comments: Unfortunately nobody plays this
mod, as all those who know of Olorin suffer a heart attack as he actually
releases something!

Mod Name: Zhoulomcrist

Author(s): Zhoulomcrypt

Comments: Illegal alpha leaked over kazaa.
Has NO gfx, gui, or gameplay. 1337 4@kerz who discovered the illegal Doomcrypt
2000III alpha shuffle their feet and look at the floor in embarresment as they
learn the meaning of the word 'alpha'.

Mod Name: CryptForge

Author(s): Zhoulomcrist

Comments: Olorin uninstalls Diablo I.
Teenagers run on a rampage across the lands, shooting red lightning at innocent
bystanders, slaying even those innocent bystanders with maxed lightning
resistance! The media blames Cryptforge, but the crazy kids claim they've been
corrupted by some unknown mod by the maker of Demon Trip III.

Mod Name: OMFG1337R0KZ02ZM0D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author(s): 1337d00d799!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments: A11 teh pl0g1nz r heer, plei
NOWNOWNOW!!!!!! it pwn u

Mod Name: Chinesman's Caper

Author(s): Chineseman

Comments: A mod abut...cats. You play a
cat, you kill dogs. The human population don't quite understand it, but it's a
big hit with the denizens of the OT forums and cats everywhere.

Mod Name: Chaos Magick

Author(s): KillerForm

Comments: Using Chaos Magick, KillerForm
proves his Metal by Casting such a powerful Spell that all complex life on earth
is destroyed. Only the Dark Wanderer is left, unslain as always, observing that
his purpose of...well, whatever it is,
I'm sure his Mentor must find it easier now there are less people to...what ever
he's going to do. Gah. icon_lol.gif


Alkalund wakes up, to find humanity extinct to his vague surprise. Despite this,
he still checks in on the Non-Hosted Mods forum several times a day in case the
surviving bacteria eventually evolve sentience and wish to mod.


This post is obviously humour.

Not because of any of the comments I made, but because it assumes that patch
1.10, which many of these mods need, will come out before the Keep is dug up by

The writer of this piece has been unfairly victimising Olorin, and should be

On a further disclaimer note: I don't know any of you, blahblahblah I can't here
you icon-handball.gif

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