Builds You will never see on

Builds You will never see on

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Magiczon: This class benefits from never having to
buy arrows or crossbolts ever, thanks to the marvels of Magic Arrow. And as an
added bonus, no mana is required! A slight problem with damage, but nothing ten
or twenty 208+ poison damage small charms can't fix.

Magizon: Taking a page from the necro's book, this build
relies on Inner Sight and Slow Missiles skills in order to outwit her enemies
and, well, make them light up and not be able to fire missiles as fast. Watch
out baal!

Psychic Sass: The little used Psychic Hammer skill is used
in this build, mainly for its high damage at high levels (up to 29-32 at level
20!). Plus it gives the ever useful knockback. And for only eight mana points.
Powerful? You bet!

Fire blaster: It's a well known fact that fire is the most
useful type of damage to use in Hell difficulty. And at a whooping 69-70 damage
at level 20, you'll be dealing out the damage in the cow runs like nobodies

Coward: A strange build, but one totally effective, this
focuses on the warcries of Howl and Grim Ward and Battle Cry to either make the
enemy run, or to make it so weak that it poses no threat. Ability in PvP still
to be confirmed

Specialist: This barbarian maxes out the weapon masteries.
No longer must a melee character be hampered by keeping to one weapon. (well,
with the exception of throwing mastery, what with there not being enough skill
points to max it) Trading is wide open with this build

Any build: Kind of weak, not really useful...wait a

'Boner' necro: Uses Bone Wall and Prison to
divert enemies towards other party members, or to simply save his own hide.
Otherwise uses teeth to keep in with the whole bone theme

Passive Necro: Maxes out Skeleton Mastery, Minion Resist
and Golem Mastery. Doesn't use any other skill. Has instant bragging rights to
'my minions have the best bonuses' despite having nothing to summon.
For tweakers only

Undead hunter: Maxes Holy Bolt and Sanctuary, and sticks
strickly to Mace type weapons. However, since this build is the holy type, also
uses Conversion to attempt to bring people to 'the light' by smacking
them over the head with a blunt weapon.

Pyromaniac: Primary skill is holy fire. It has to be said
about this build is (insert *heat* joke here). However he won't be (insert
*cold* joke here) whilst also providing (insert witty comeback).

BoltSorc: Uses Fire bolt and Ice Bolt as primary skills:
FAER mi HaX0R 533r l8r ttfm MudaFuker, WTFF!!!!!

TeleSorc: Uses telekinesis and teleport as main skills.
Think of your damn joke, I'm off to bed.

(Published by Blizzard and written by Bill Roper,
senior producer of Diablo 2. This article was designed to encourage players to
try out different builds. On the last head count, there were 14,654 nova
sorcerreses, and 34,507 Bowazons, with maxed out multi-shot and Guided Arrow,
equiped with Buriza's. O yeah, and a couple of Barbarians. Got the message
through then, aye lads? Role on v1.10...)

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