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Description: by Joel Falcou

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Some stupidity I saw on french bNet game ... I'll try to translate them :

1) I've said Muuh :
I was playing a normal game with some high level char to help a friend of mine to get some Wp here and there. So we were sitting in the middle of the rogue camp when :

xxxCowKill4rxxx entered the game.
Me : hi

xxxCowKill4rxxx : U do quowrann ??
Me : ???
xxxCowKill4rxxx : U n00b, I want to kill kow !!
(i take a look at the aprty screen : lvl 9 .....)
Me : You have to defeat Baal to enter the cow level.
xxxCowKill4rxxx : F**** I dunt wn4t to kill ball, i want to make kworun !!
Me : as I said, You have to defeat Baal to enter the cow level.
xxxCowKill4rxxx: bah n00blar, I do'nt want to enter the cow level, i want ot MAKE COW RUN, what dot u understand ????

2) Cheaters aren't the winners
I entered a game called legit-PVP to test my new PvP druid build ....
In the game there were a barb and an amazon ...
Me : hi
AmaFreak : hi
Barbdur : lo

BarbDur have declared his hostily towards you
Me : well ... Wp to stony and duel ?
BarbDur : yep !
I took the tp, so does he ...
we run around a few just to avid stupid WP PK or potion crash then we start the duel ...
My weredruid have 2500+ HP due to sage and vita charm ... adn this barb WW me to death in one shot ....

Me : well done
barbDur : hahah wanna se stuff.

he came back to town and show me his 'stuff'
Obviously cheated items, a stuff that make CCBoQ looks nooblish .... a 990% ED armor and some other oddities ... basically this guys was dealing 25000+ damagae per swing :/
BarbDur : w8 got other

it go to its stash and came back. he show me 2 others sword with ridiculous mod like +180 000 ED% and +256 000 damage. And a wonderful +4096% fast run/walk ....
there something tilts me ....

Me : arf !! why don't u use boots and the two others swords they're beter !
barbDur : hmm well
Me : just try on me
Barbdur : OK

So we go to Wp, I took it, and barbDur equipped his gears and take Wp.
Now he WW me again ... and I take a lonely 5 damage ....
he seems to be surprised and WW me again ....

OBVIOUSLY : damage roll-over !!!

So :

BarbDur : WTF !!!
Me : hehe time to be plundered !!

And so he start to run .... BUT Run/walk speed rollover again (due to what i suppose to be the effects of his boots and a lvl xxx increased speed) he starts to run backward .... and get plundered ....

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