Keepaholics Anonymous

Keepaholics Anonymous

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Hello. My name is NewbieModder, and I am a now a Keep-Aholic. It used
to be so innocent....I'd visit the Phrozen Keep just to get
stuff...then came the forums, so many months ago...At that point,
things got so much more sinister. I'd check the forums daily, or even
more then that, reading about breakthroughs I didn't even care about...

About 9 months ago, I managed to quit. No slow
dropoff, just a sudden stop from using the Keep. My Diablo II playing
also stopped at the same time, just for safety. But then, about a month
ago, I was out of games to play, and I found my LOD disk. I installed
many of the mods I used to play, and my friend and I (WaffleMaster)
started playing DII anew. But soon, I was drawn in again by that evil
link...those evil forums...

Now I check the Phrozen Keep Forums all too often,
It's spiraling out of control. Sometimes I open a webbrowser window for
no reason, and check the forums, even though I had just finished
checking the forums minutes ago. I've learned hex editing and ASM,
something I thought I never would. This gives me even MORE things to
read about on the Keep. And now Wafflemaster is starting to be drawn
into this neverending spiral. And I'm afraid there's no end in
sight...This addiction cannot be stopped once it starts....The
inevitable can only be delayed...


Hi, my name is Josh, and I'm a Keep-Aholic. I've been addicted for
about a month or two now. I remember back a year or so ago, when my
friend NewbieModder and I would just visit the Keep forums every day or
two, to see if anything happened that concerned us. We would then
resume our merriment, playing Diablo II, and having a generally good
time being immature.

But now.... things have changed. I find myself
closing my Internet Explorer browser only for the sake of opening a new
one, to see if any new posts have been made within the last
half-second. Also, I've adopted an obsession with emptying my Recycle
Bin, thanks to my new-found addiction to the Keep forums. My new
computer routine is check forums, empty Recycle Bin, check forums,
empty Recycle Bin, repeat, repeat, until finally I pass out, head
slumped over my keyboard, my hands suffering from carpal tunnel

I know that deep down, the little voice telling me
to go outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather is right.... but
if this is wrong, then I don't want to be right!


I guess this means I'm the D2 site equivalent of a drug dealer or liquor store owner.

Brother Laz:

I know that no one posts during European daytime, and y'all are merrily
snoring at 2-8 AM USA time, but that does not stop me from constantly
clicking Refresh over and over, and sneaking away between courses to
check if any updates have been made, and sitting at the Who Is Online
screen for hours to see if anyone is posting anything.

Come to think of it, in the last year and a half I've spent more time here than at my actual RL friends. :-) Go figure.

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