A Good Modder's Diary After 1.10

A Good Modder's Diary After 1.10

Description: by Brother Laz

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Day 0 - W00T!! Patch 1.10!
Day 1 - When is this stupid FTP server gonna let me download it?!?
Day 2 - 957 Kb of 19.45 Mb downloaded at 0.1 Kb/second... say what? Timed out?
Day 3 - Gotcha! Now let's quickly convert my mod- ehm, where are the tbl files?

Day 4 - Found it! It's in LangE.tbl.
Day 5 - What clown at Blizzard decided to encrypt them?!?
Day 11 - Evil Peer released a beta of his new tbl editor, you need Microsoft
.SPY technology, which is only a 221 Mb download, and only works in Windows XP
with Plus! and Office XP2.
Day 15 - Siramy releases a final version of his new tbl editor, it requires a
386DX and Win 3.1.
Day 16 - Why don't my map-edited levels work anymore? Does this have to do with
their new randomizing routines?
Day 17 - I knew they added columns, but where have the existing
ones gone?
Day 18 - Don't tell me they hardcoded that magic find reduction for superuniques
into the dll files!

Day 27 - Got the offsets!
Day 28 - 'You can now download 1.10b from the FTP server'
Day 30 - 'Dear blizzard.com, 1.10b does not work on my configuration'
Day 34 - Bought a new CD drive, it works now.
Day 41 - Planned release for the mod in 30 days.
Day 42 - 'Planned release for Cryptforge 2 in 29 days'
Day 43 - 'Planned release for Zy-El 5 in 28 days'
Day 46 - 'You can now download 1.10c from the FTP server'
Day 47 - Did they really have to replace four dll files to fix a CD copy
protection issue?

Day 48 - Planned release for the mod in 6 months.
Day 50 - Planned release for the mod 6 months after Siramy releases an updated
level editor.
Day 51 - Planned release for the mod 12 months after I figure out that new curse
creation stuff.
Day 325 - Mod released in 2 weeks, need beta testers.
Day 326 - 'Rune Mod v3 released in 13 days, need beta testers'
Day 334 - Hello, is there anyone who
wants to test my mod too?

Day 339 - Rune Mod v3 beta commences, Mod Making forum empties, Rune Mod forum
Day 358 - Phew! It's over. Beta testers please, beta test commences in 5 days.
Day 359 - 'Cabal Wars beta test commences in 4 days'
Day 360 - Go away, you're taking my beta testers.
Day 366 - Rune Mod v3 officially released.
Day 367 - 14 emails saying 'sorry, I'm playing Sir_General's mod now'
Day 401 - Yay! Mod released, folks!
Day 402 - Rise of the Gods beta test commences.
Day 407 - 'You can now download 1.10d from the FTP server'

Day 409 - 'You can now download 1.10e from the FTP server'
Day 410 - Say what? Why don't my /lvl affixes work anymore?
Day 447 - Apoc posts the relevant offsets.
Day 448 - 'You can now download 1.10f from the FTP server'
Day 450 - Mod now hosted at the Phrozen Keep, yay! Expected release in 4 days.
Just need some minor bugfixing, some really small issues, you know.
Day 451 - Minor issues caused delay of approximately 4 weeks.
Day 480 - Mod release imminent!
Day 481 - What do you mean edited skills don't work properly with hit-skills???
Day 494 - Let the beta test commence!

Day 495 - 'Crashed when I left town'
Day 496 - Beta patch 1.02 out.
Day 497 - 'Akara crashes. Here is the error message: Assertion error C000005.
Hope this helped'
Day 501 - Beta patch 1.03 out.
Day 502 - 'The Ancients 3 beta test commences in 5 days'
Day 505 - 'Countdown to Apocalypse commences in 4 days'
Day 507 - 'BGMod 2.01 beta test commences today'
Day 508 - 'To fix issues with LoD users chatting with World of Warcraft, we will
issue a new patch next week'
Day 509 - Mod on hold until 1.10g.

Day 1227 - 'The patch is coming next week. It will also balance out everything
once and for all'
Day 1501 - 'To fix issues with LoD users chatting with Starcraft: Ghost II
Expansion, download 1.10g at the FTP server. It also nerfs Tornado damage by
reducing damage at level-up from +221 to +220, removes Freezes Target +450 from
Fraizer's Crusher unique thunder maul, and fixes a CD copy protection issue'
Day 1509 - Beta patch 1.04 imminent.
Day 1510 - 'Jarulf to forums: sorc masteries are broken. Details unknown'
Day 1512 - 'Seems like none of the masteries work anymore in 1.10f'
Day 1513 - User feedback: 'Hey, when are you finally going to release that mod,
lazy bum?'

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