Unofficial IRC


Unofficial Phrozen Keep IRC

Gamesurge port 6667 Channel: #phrozen-keep


Kardon's IRC Guide

1.) Go to and download mIRC.
2.) Install mIRC and run it.
3.) As soon as you run it a registration popup box will open, don’t worry about it and just close it. You should now be at mIRC options under Connect and it should be asking for Full Name, Email Address, Nickname, and Alternative. It doesn’t matter what you put for Full Name or Email Address but your Nickname will be the name that people see you as in chat channels. Pick an Alternative in case the nickname you want is taken.
4.) After all this information is entered look at the top of the box where it says IRC Network and select Gamesurge. The Box under it should display Gamesurge: Random server.
5.) Now on the left of the mIRC options under where it says Category, click on Options under the main Connect option and make sure the box that says Connect on startup is selected and click on Retry button and make sure Enable Connect Retry is selected and change If not connected in: 60 secs to 120 secs. Then deselect Try next server in group, then click OK.
6.) Now on the left of the mIRC options under where it says Category, click on Perform under the main Connect option. Select Enable perform on connect and in the big box below type /join #phrozen-keep. You can now click the main OK for mIRC options.
7.) Now go to File, then Connect or click on the lightening bolt icon. A mIRC channels Folder box should popup. Deselect Pop up folder on connect and then click OK.
8.) Just follow this website
9.) Get back to where you entered information in Perform and add your auth line to it under where you should have /join #phrozen-keep. Click OK.
10.) Some Useful IRC info:
• People with @ in front of their name are channel operators.
• Those with + in front of their name are called peons or those with voice.
• /join #channel is the syntax for joining another channel
• /server will connect you to gamesurge if you aren’t already connected.
• /nick newname will change your name.
• ChanServ is a bot placed in a channel to give access to users. has lots of information about using gamesurge.

Once you get comfortable with mIRC, feel free to try some other IRC browsers.
Polaris: Their site is down. I'll post this link later.

User commands are located:

For added security, you can hide your IP Address by putting the following command in your perform buffer:
//mode $me +x

(This guide was originally written by Elo and modified by Kardon with permission)