Results of our set item contest!

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Results of our set item contest!

Post by Phrozen Heart » Fri Jun 03, 2005 6:42 pm

Does lightning strike twice? We're hosting another contest, right on the heels of our first success. This time, you need to put your creativity in second gear. We would like you to design a complete set! Our crack judging team will be waiting....

[color=FF8800]1. What is the purpose of this contest?[/color]

This one is for fun as well as to show that you can be creative when doing your set items and complete sets.

[color=FF8800]2. What is the subject of this contest?[/color]

You will create a complete set, consisting of two to six items. Not just any set, but a particularly well-designed one. This may include item graphics, item names, item stats, base item choice and so on. You should have a good concept. If it all sounds familiar, it is because the rules are essentially the same as the last contest for unique items.

What especially does NOT matter is the level of the set and its items, or the power of the stats used. Make a nice level 5 set if you like---there certainly aren't too many of those! Originality and design counts, as well as the usefulness of the set in the game (at the time it can be found). The items and set bonuses should be "in balance" with the game, i.e. neither overpowered nor useless.

[color=FF8800]3. What are the rules?[/color]

You may use
  • any base item from diablo2: lord of destruction (version 1.10)
  • any stats / properties from diablo2: lord of destruction (version 1.10) and any stat / property you made yourself
  • any graphics for your item
This means you may modify the following files:
  • setitems.txt
  • sets.txt
  • itemstatcost.txt / properties.txt
  • the .dc6 file for your own item graphics
  • the .tbl files
[color=FF8800]4. Your set must meet these qualifications:[/color]
  • It has to work without code editing or any modded files (other than those listed above) in Diablo2: Lord of Destruction v1.10 final.
  • It may not be a copy of any existing set (i.e. it must be your own creation, you may use a unique item from your own mod in a version that works in unmodded LOD)
  • It must be useful. Just being a great looking set is not enough.
  • It must use legitimate mod files, as noted above. Any entry using item files (e.g. .d2i) as produced by a character editor will be disqualified.
[color=FF8800]5. What will be honored?[/color]
  • The general concept (creativity of item, stats, name, how they fit together).
  • The level requirements versus the power of the items. Overpowered sets will get a lesser ranking, as will underpowered ones.
  • The item graphics, if provided (NOTE: If you do not have any new item graphics, do not hesitate to participate anyways. The graphics play a minor role in the rating of your set items).
  • We will also look at the random variation of stats, as a set with variation is more individual than one without.
[color=FF8800]6. Who is eligible to participate?[/color]

Any registered regular member of the Phrozen Keep in good standing according to our Terms of Service. Hosted Forum Moderators are also eligible as they are not full staff members. Staff moderators, senior moderators, administrators, and their families (including significant others) are not eligible, but they may participate in an unofficial capacity (see Showcase below).

[color=FF8800]7. Who are the judges?[/color]

Char, Joel and anyone else who gets roped into it in the meantime.

[color=FF8800]8. How shall the set be submitted?[/color]

After finishing your set and set items, pack all files into a .zip, .rar or .ace file and send them to Char. Your entry should include:
  • All .txt files that you have edited starting from a clean set of 1.10 .txt files.
  • The modified .tbl file OR the entries in a tbl.txt file (see below). We only accept english .tbl files.
  • the modified .dc6 file, if you use one
[*]A brief explanation about where you expect people to find this set in the game is optional but will help decide the set's usefulness.

It will help if you only send the lines that are new or changed from each txt file. That way we will not have to search for your work. Delete all other lines except for the header lines in the file. You might also send the lines from the .tbl file in a tab delimited .txt format, just like AFJ's or Joel's TBL editors export them. (Please tell us which tool you used for exporting.) For the .tbl file, please use expansionstring.tbl and make your entries the last ones in that file, or use a clean .tbl file with only your entries in it.

[color=FF8800]9. Deadline[/color]

All entries must be sent in by midnight UTC June 27th. We will then start looking at the submitted sets, and announce the contest winner in the Phrozen Keep News on July 1st.

[color=FF8800]10. What is the Prize?[/color]

Myhrginoc has once again volunteered all of AdiTT's PK:OT Lottery winnings to fund the pot. ;) :mrgreen:

Actually we can not really offer money for the winner, not even OT-bucks. But we will post the winner's Keep name in bright lights in the Weekly Update. And we might name the Keep Mascot after you, if we ever choose to have a Keep Mascot.

[color=FF8800]11. What is the Set Showcase?[/color]

Entries may be included in the Set Showcase by written permission of the originator. The Showcase will be a plugin made up of all items that will work with unmodded D2/LoD characters. Changes to ItemStatCost.txt must not invalidate character loading (e.g. no altering SaveBits or SaveAdd fields). Several Staff modders have expressed interest in include the winning item in their mods, if included in the Showcase, or granted separate permission should it not conform to Showcase requirements. Although not qualified for contest recognition, staff members may submit items for inclusion in the Showcase.

And after all, this should be done for fun rather than for winning :P.

If you have any questions or problems, you post them here.

And now, get thee to the forge and bang out that set! ;)
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Post by Char » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:58 pm

First, we want to say that we really got lots of high quality entries, and if someone is not under the best sets, that shall not mean that he or she made a bad set. Problem is we had to decide on some of them... The fact that we got good entries (11 in total) results in having two sets on the third place because we could not decide which one should not be in the top three...

First Place:
Narashurah's Blood Moon (made by Vhaeghar):
This set is quite for sure the best. Although it might be a little too strong especially for a non-elite set (only the weapon is elite), it has, as we think, the best concept: You can turn into a werewolf when hit (5% chance), but you cannot control that. You cannot control the transform back into your normal form either, which quite hits the concept of a werewolf (I guess a "real" werewolf cannot control his transformations either). However, you are not helpless in werewolf form, but can still attack and kill quite nicely with your oskills.
This set is, with some fast-cast and +skills, probably even useful for a caster. However, maybe it should have been a little weaker.

Second Place:
Captain Tsung's Doomed Compass (made by NightbladeXXL):
Again, a set that probably fits best to a zealot. This time, the weapon is non-elite while the rest of the set is, quite opposite to the Narashurah's Set. We got a nice use of "Hit causes Monster to flee" here, which also prevents the set from being overpowered and is added once the set is complete. The single items (especially shield and amulet) might be interesting for other character classes as well.

Third place:
Shared by Evilution and Love under Will

Evilution (made by Grom Hellscream):
A very interesting set with nice names using a crossbow and venom as oskill. An interesting concept with negative life replenish (which could probably be higher) and lifeleech / open wounds on the crossbow. The set has a strong belt and a quite weak (in comparison) helm which you would not want to use alone probably. The set develops with your level and is strong enough to be used in hell difficulty.

Love under Will (made by cc):
Although there were some technical problems first, this set has definitely a very nice concept. You will not want to equip more than one of the rings (Lord and Lady Pendragon), which are usable from level 30 on, because equipping both gives tremendous negative effects. Once you get the amulet though, called King Lamus (which requires level 80), the negative effects are gone when equipping all Items. Thus, this set has an early use (level 30) and a later use as well (level 80+).
The two rings could be better balanced though, Lord Pendragon is by far stronger than the Lady. But the idea is great.

There is furthermore a nice lowlevel scythe set made by Paul Siramy, but it was sent in a bit too late. Nevertheless, I think we should mention it.

Hmm. Overall, I have to say that we got a lot of (at least to me) unknown names in the top three. Neither Brother Laz nor TrueMage, Talonrage, RicFaith/SubSanity or Doombreed-X made it in the top three, I would have expected one of them there. However, I think we were fair, furthermore I have to say that at least Joel had no idea which set was made by whom, and I tried not to look at the names either.

Click here to view the submissions for yourself! Hopefully they'll be available in the "Showcase" in the very near future along with our previous unique item contest entries. All items were tested in-game, so the judging is not purely based on that webpage anyway.

Regardless of who won, our thanks go out to each and everyone who particpated for all their great submissions and we look forward to seeing them entering future contests!
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