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Site changelog

Post by Volf » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:20 pm

So as i still got a mile long to do list i figured id start keeping you all up to date.

• Some tweaks on the News portal, changed the layout a bit making it more suitable for other things i have planned.
• Trimmed news posts to 1400 characters and added a read more link at the bottom.
• Removed the top poster block.
• Removed unnecessary hard coded block in the footer.
• Removed jump box.

• Added a sitemap for the forum and submitted 60k topics to google.
• An extremely persistent bad bot was causing enormous strain on the server resulting in lag. Kept changing ip ranges so ended up having to use some custom tricks to identify and block the little bugger.
Member News forum is no completely open to registered members, no approval needed and comments are enabled. Forum description updated.

• A buggy cron script that wiped the front page earlier today was taken care of and front page was restored.

• Added new Backer Flair/badge .
• Fixed some permission issues for guests and bots related to the gallery, video gallery and member news forum.

• Added 2 new auto groups based on post count with ranks, Junior members 100+posts and Forum legends 1000+ posts.

• Added a special forum for submitting files to the file center viewforum.php?f=196

• Added another table bbcode for borderless tables with no background tag is table3 and td3, see viewtopic.php?p=493130#p493130

• Updated link to bfe site in forum description
• Got us a SSL Certificate and switched site to use https
When non https links are found on secure pages the entire page gets labeled as insecure thus the following tedious work begins.
• Updated posts table Replaced all internal links in posts with https links
• Updated downloads table Replaced all internal links in download descriptions with https links
• Updated user table Replaced all internal links in signatures with https links
• Updated knowledge base table Replaced all internal links in kb articles with https links
• Updated custom pages Replaced all internal links with https links
• Updated all side blocks and panels Replaced all internal links with https links

• Added links to our youtube channel and fb page under community in the left sidebar.
• Fixed +800 dead links in posts these were old kb links.

• Reparsed all old broken bbcodes in all posts, pms and signatures.
• Updated the flags extension to the latest version.
• Updated 24 hour stats extension on forum index to latest version.

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