D2 multires + Glidewrapper

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D2 multires + Glidewrapper

Post by darkydoof7 » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:02 am

Hello everyone!

Is there a way to run Diablo II LOD with Multires and Glidewrapper?

I'm running 1.12 version and everytime i run the exe with -3dfx the game crashes. Works perfectly with the -w line on the shortcut but there is no way to increase the in-game gamma as the option is completely grayed out and borderless gaming doesn't amplify the game on the whole screen.

Multires runs in weird graphic glitches (rainbow colours) without any add on the shortcut. I've tried all compatibility modes, administrator, disable desktop composition, run on 256 colors,etc.

Weird because i've seen many gamers running diablo 2 on multires smooth and nice. Sorry for beign this obnoxious but i would like to play this game in at least 1280x720 on single player (no battle or multiplayer).

Any solutions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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