Officiel Plugy for 1.14 coming

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Officiel Plugy for 1.14 coming

Post by Roneye » Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:21 am

Looks like plugy is getting an update for 1.14d

I was about to go through this guide: ... BUR_c/edit#
To get an awesome diablo 2 modded experience.

I see all the mods except one is able to run 1.14. So could use some help on finding out if it's possible to get everything to run together on the newest d2 patch. Or if i need to find a substitute for the last mentioned mod.

These say they will work for 1.14
BaseMod viewtopic.php?t=65492

Only made for 1.13?
BP {filtered} for HD mod and lootfilter ... w_release/

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