(FIXED) Assertion Failure (crash) New version uploaded!

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(FIXED) Assertion Failure (crash) New version uploaded!

Post by Terminus11 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:13 pm

UPDATE ::: Assertion Errors with the Leekun Xpac patch D2Se Version causing crashing from some particular monsters has been patched by SheX. newly updated version posted in the Discord below , download link can be found in d2mods database . enjoy BTH fans ! !



11:30:10.811 Stack Crawl:
11:30:10.811 Address Frame Module Return Stack
11:30:10.811 04a9f196 0019f810 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
11:30:10.811 04a9ed4b 0019f818 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10023+001B [omap]
11:30:10.812 04a9f196 0019f824 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
11:30:10.813 6fb5f413 0019f85c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10002+A6523 [omap]
11:30:10.814 04ba14c5 0019f954 D2CMP.dll D2CMP!Ordinal10022+00C5 [omap]
11:30:10.815 6faa6949 0019f978 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+49F9 [omap]
11:30:10.816 6fab7546 0019f984 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+155F6 [omap]
11:30:10.816 6fa73caa 0019f988 D2gfx.dll D2gfx!Ordinal10044+001A [omap]
11:30:10.817 6fab59b3 0019f98c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A63 [omap]
11:30:10.818 6fab59e9 0019f9a0 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A99 [omap]
11:30:10.819 6faa97d3 0019f9cc D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+7883 [omap]
11:30:10.820 6faaa2de 0019f9d0 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+838E [omap]
11:30:10.821 766e1890 0019f9d4 USER32.dll USER32!TranslateAccelerator+0000 [omap]
11:30:10.822 Stack walk error: 0
11:30:10.822 13 frames dumped
---finished error callback---

11:02:20.618 Stack Crawl:
11:02:20.618 Address Frame Module Return Stack
11:02:20.618 04c5f196 0019f810 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
11:02:20.618 04c5ed4b 0019f818 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10023+001B [omap]
11:02:20.619 04c5f196 0019f824 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
11:02:20.620 6fb5f413 0019f85c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10002+A6523 [omap]
11:02:20.620 04cc14c5 0019f950 D2CMP.dll D2CMP!Ordinal10022+00C5 [omap]
11:02:20.621 6faa6968 0019f954 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+4A18 [omap]
11:02:20.622 6faa6949 0019f970 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+49F9 [omap]
11:02:20.623 6faa2e6b 0019f978 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+0F1B [omap]
11:02:20.624 6fab7546 0019f984 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+155F6 [omap]
11:02:20.626 6fa73caa 0019f988 D2gfx.dll D2gfx!Ordinal10044+001A [omap]
11:02:20.627 6fab59b3 0019f98c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A63 [omap]
11:02:20.628 6fab59e9 0019f9a0 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A99 [omap]
11:02:20.630 6faa97d3 0019f9cc D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+7883 [omap]
11:02:20.631 6faaa2de 0019fa04 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+838E [omap]
11:02:20.632 766f36fb 0019fa1c USER32.dll USER32!CallWindowProcW+001B [omap]
11:02:20.635 65586acf 0019fa60 OPENGL32.DLL OPENGL32!glDebugEntry+0E2F [omap]
11:02:20.636 766feebb 0019fa8c USER32.dll USER32!AddClipboardFormatListener+004B [omap]
11:02:20.638 766f5e7a 0019fba0 USER32.dll USER32!GetClassLongW+07AA [omap]
11:02:20.639 766de01d 0019fbdc USER32.dll USER32!PeekMessageA+019D [omap]
11:02:20.641 6faa25f9 0019fbec D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+06A9 [omap]
11:02:20.641 6faa2668 00000000 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+0718 [omap]
11:02:20.641 Stack walk error: 299
11:02:20.641 21 frames dumped
---finished error callback---

10:16:06.087 Stack Crawl:
10:16:06.087 Address Frame Module Return Stack
10:16:06.087 049ff196 0019f810 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
10:16:06.087 049fed4b 0019f818 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10023+001B [omap]
10:16:06.088 049ff196 0019f824 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
10:16:06.089 6fb5f413 0019f85c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10002+A6523 [omap]
10:16:06.090 04a814c5 0019f954 D2CMP.dll D2CMP!Ordinal10022+00C5 [omap]
10:16:06.091 6faa6949 0019f978 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+49F9 [omap]
10:16:06.091 6fab7546 0019f984 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+155F6 [omap]
10:16:06.092 6fa73caa 0019f988 D2gfx.dll D2gfx!Ordinal10044+001A [omap]
10:16:06.093 6fab59b3 0019f98c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A63 [omap]
10:16:06.093 6fab59e9 0019f9a0 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A99 [omap]
10:16:06.094 6faa97d3 0019f9cc D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+7883 [omap]
10:16:06.095 6faaa2de 0019f9d0 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+838E [omap]
10:16:06.096 766e1890 0019f9d4 USER32.dll USER32!TranslateAccelerator+0000 [omap]
10:16:06.096 Stack walk error: 0
10:16:06.096 13 frames dumped
---finished error callback---

02:19:14.674 Stack Crawl:
02:19:14.674 Address Frame Module Return Stack
02:19:14.674 04bdf196 0019f810 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
02:19:14.674 04bded4b 0019f818 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10023+001B [omap]
02:19:14.675 04bdf196 0019f824 Fog.dll Fog!Ordinal10028+0096 [omap]
02:19:14.676 6fb5f413 0019f85c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10002+A6523 [omap]
02:19:14.677 04ca14c5 0019f918 D2CMP.dll D2CMP!Ordinal10022+00C5 [omap]
02:19:14.677 6fb4ddfd 0019f950 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10002+94F0D [omap]
02:19:14.678 6faa68eb 0019f954 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+499B [omap]
02:19:14.679 6faa6949 0019f978 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+49F9 [omap]
02:19:14.680 6fab7546 0019f984 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+155F6 [omap]
02:19:14.681 6fa73caa 0019f988 D2gfx.dll D2gfx!Ordinal10044+001A [omap]
02:19:14.682 6fab59b3 0019f98c D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A63 [omap]
02:19:14.684 6fab59e9 0019f9a0 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+13A99 [omap]
02:19:14.685 6faa97d3 0019f9cc D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+7883 [omap]
02:19:14.686 6faaa2de 0019fa04 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+838E [omap]
02:19:14.688 766f36fb 0019fa1c USER32.dll USER32!CallWindowProcW+001B [omap]
02:19:14.689 660a6acf 0019fa60 OPENGL32.DLL OPENGL32!glDebugEntry+0E2F [omap]
02:19:14.692 766feebb 0019fa8c USER32.dll USER32!AddClipboardFormatListener+004B [omap]
02:19:14.693 766f5e7a 0019fba0 USER32.dll USER32!GetClassLongW+07AA [omap]
02:19:14.694 766de01d 0019fbdc USER32.dll USER32!PeekMessageA+019D [omap]
02:19:14.695 6faa25f9 0019fbec D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+06A9 [omap]
02:19:14.696 6faa2668 00000000 D2Client.dll D2Client!Ordinal10003+0718 [omap]
02:19:14.696 Stack walk error: 299
02:19:14.696 21 frames dumped
---finished error callback---
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Re: Assertion Failure (crash)

Post by gogodanny » Tue Jul 27, 2021 6:48 am

Hi Pal,
I aint entirely sure, but it may be caused by the graphics setup.
Did you try to change Display drivers?
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Re: Assertion Failure (crash)

Post by Terminus11 » Tue Jul 27, 2021 8:16 am

it was patched by some friends . there were a couple frames messed up in the coding for some monsters . the newly patched version of BTH is uploaded on the discord I linked in original post :)

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Re: (FIXED) Assertion Failure (crash) New version uploaded!

Post by D2 MOD player » Mon Feb 20, 2023 8:30 pm

I managed to find the original patch on an archive website. I get to the ancients in Act V and it crashes. First time I've enjoyed this mod in many years (usually I hate it in the first hour alone). The link above is an invite and it says it's invalid. So now I have to ask if anyone has this patch update to the SheX update to fix these final crash issues. I had to play with this patch as the original D2SE version crashes constantly in act 1 due to magma demons. So now I am stuck and cannot progress.

This mod is rated by most websites as still being in the top 10 all time best D2 mods. This is surprising considering how survival oriented this mod is. It's core mechanic is continual farming. I guess I like that right now as I've had too much of a good thing, easy to play ARPG's, and I wanted a real challenge I suppose. :)

Now I believe I misread the post above. I thought he was posting a fix for the SheX patch. That's what I get the assertion failure with. I'm running with CNC DDraw, it was my main draw to play D2 mods again. Rendered in 5000x3000, the game looks damn good with a filter using DSR 4x on an nvidia video card (for such settings I recommend a Ryzen 5000 series or equivalent, the game is highly processor dependent).

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Re: (FIXED) Assertion Failure (crash) New version uploaded!

Post by D2 MOD player » Thu Sep 21, 2023 6:13 pm

SInce SheX and nobody else has helped me figure out why the game crashed, I've been playing the Grim Dawn D2 remake called Reign of Terror. This mod has an act 6 now, a recreation of D1.

Goodbye BTH!

PS, the remake is so good I like it easily 5x as much as D2: Resurrected. I haven't even gotten to Act 3 in that. I mostly play that for the nice artwork, but apparently nice artwork takes a backseat to gameplay. Grim Dawn is a solid title, and it shows in the remake. I recommend playing the base game before you play the D2 remake. See if you like it first.

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