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Re: Post new idea's or suggestion's here

Post by Nosferatu » Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:09 pm

Me again....this is called a double post or something?..
Lolt's Lar is extremly that intentionate?May i suggest making it duno some other color....cause purple is fine....but this is exagerately eyes hurt..everything is purple....too purple...
Some other suggestions: try importing those sounds from sacre like glad sais"morituri te salutant" or something like that...just hearing uh ah uh ah....all the time from barbarian...well...kind of dull.
Played many dII mods.....this one actually has some the sorc light spell animation.....Try make water form(Invisibilty) to battle mage in sacred.
Sounds from sacred,UT,MK, and if you can add a combo hit to character then you could import sound from Killer know the game....after 20+ combo's a loud voice sais"ULTRA".....could add that sound know make it more fun..interesting...untill i killed those 17or so diablo's in that mausoleum.....i listened music...cause the sound was the same....uh ah ah uh ah ah....and again and duracell....going and going and going
So that is why i suggest some new charactes sounds....voices if possible..
I have many other suggestions....but would require pages:)
Your as you wish...I just wanted to help...
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Re: Post new idea's or suggestion's here

Post by ForestMan » Mon Oct 10, 2005 12:30 pm

I played this MOD for the first time today! It was awesome! I felt proud of myself just to get to Cold Plains (or whatever it was called hehehe). But I really want things to CHANGE, I want everything nerfed! I don't want it to be `Diablo II` anymore, I want it to be Hades, I want it to be totally different. So I thought of some good changes...

  • Hand Axe => Wood Splicer
    Buckler => Welded Shield
    Wand => Wooden Stick
    Sash => Clothed Belt
    Town Portal => Capital Warp
    Javelin => Sharpened Sticks
    Mana Potion => Spiritual Energy Potion OR Juice Potion OR something other than `Mana`
    Scepter => Holy Rod
    Short Staff => Mystic Timber
    Long Staff => Wizardly Timber
    Full Rejuvenation Potion => Complete Restoration Tonic
    Minor Healing Potion => Slight Torpid Tonic
    Stamina Potion => Vigor Tonic
    Gold => Gil
    Boots => Clothed Footwear
If you like this idea I would LOVE to create the rest of the names, and I could create drafts, and send them to you. You could cross out the ones you don't like and I'll recreate them.

As for Exceptional and Elite naming, I was thinking about something like this:
  • Wood Splicer => Wood Splicer II
    Welded Shield => Welded Shield II
That way you actually know if the item is Exceptional, or Elite.

Those fire lantern steel things that are in town and in Blood Moor, I think those should have BLUE fire instead of REDISH..just something different. Plus I think the BLUE would add more to the HADES theme.

The D2 fire animation when you first load up D2, I think it should be HADES w/ Blue flame animations! That would be so freakin' cool!

  • Fallen => Small Ogre
    Fallen Shaman => Ogre Reanimator
If possible, disable the Automap. The automap is unrealistic just like the Radar in Golden Eye 007.

  • Demon => Demonic
Nosferatu is right, these sounds are soooo old! Here are some of my recommendations:
  • Using a potion => The sound of a person that feels soothed, like *aahh*
    Barbarbian sounds, Amazon, all of them! They all need to be changed lol
    ALL music needs to be changed, and I don't care how big the download is!
    There needs to be like a Sound Team that does this, and I would like to be apart of that!
If you have something private to say, no PMs because I won't be coming here that often:
hollaway .AT. gmail .DOT. com

Alright, I've just discovered where the names of all of the items are!

There are also the scripts of the NPCs in here too! But I don't really know the story that well, and I don't know if my voice would be that good, but I would love to try to be one of the voices! I could be Gheed!

So....I'd probably list all of the names in order of the string table, and have my own name for each one in a text file or something, then send that to you and you can put a 1 OR 0 next to each name, indicating which names are good, and which names I need to make better.

We can do that before I add the final name changes to the latest Hades string.tbl. I don't even know you, but I think this will work out if we work together!
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Post by Ancient Dragon » Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:07 pm

After playing this mod for a few days now the only thing I really don't like it that hideous laugh each time I itentify an item. Its really annoying! :( Otherwise its really great with all the new rooms and monsters. I nearly filled my drawers the first time I went into one of the caves to encounter whoelse -- Diablo!

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Re: Post new idea's or suggestion's here

Post by XxXxWarxXxX » Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:08 pm

i dont know if anyone said this yet but. can u plz take out the d2music cuz thats 803 mb's and no one will dl it and play with me cuz of the size of it it will be about 175-250 after u take it out. sry if anyone said that already didnt have time to read it.

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