Big news,Death to Underworld...maybe lol

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Big news,Death to Underworld...maybe lol

Post by Hades » Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:49 pm

First and foremost I'm back and ready to mod again after a rather long hiatus heheh,but it was worth it as I'm full o idea's.The bad thing about that is I'm left with this big nagging question in my head.What to do with Underworld??
It was my first "mod"and well it turned out to be massive,which was kool but I'm not thrilled with the way it all turned out so far.It was meant to be a learning mod for myself but just grew by itself.I wasn't expecting such a following nor expecting how well it would be received.I tried doing almost everything with this mod and well things just sort of fell into place but in kind of the wrong order and well it is kinda buggy but fun to play.I made alot of mistakes along the way and made alot of kool stuff too heheh but it's not the way I want to go anymore.
Bottom line..too I' dnt think I'm going to update it anymore people.Sorry but what is there now is what's there.I'm not going to be fixing anything now adding anything new to it,it stands on its own from here on out.Besides I can't keep working on a million mods and keep track of everything in my head along with everything else in there lol.(Like wondering where my damn smokes are.... :twisted: )
I'm going to be working mainly on Apocalypse mod and a little somethign speacial as well.Will Apocalypse have everything Underworld has?No probably not,but I want the next one to have no dll's or if there is one it will only be Yohann's plugy thing,still up in the air abou tthat one though.
Stat potions,skill potions,a few new skills,etc will be added to Apoc to take the place of some stuff.

But by all means play Underworld and have fun.I'm just not going to be working on it from now on...maybe a brief update in the far future but for now no.I've learned what I needed to so now to proceed from here with a more clear and organized way lol....There goes my way of modding out the window now lol...
So enjoy Underworld for what it is and have fun with it.The new Apoc won't be out for awhile anyways.Just letting everyone know whats going on and that I haven't disappeared.
Any comments...feel free to post em...
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