This forum is for requests for (and offers of) mod-related work and mod project recruitment whether temporary or permanent. This is NOT a place to post "make this for me" requests.

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Post by Myhrginoc » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:39 pm

This forum is for seeking modding partners or offering help in any way.

Topic subject line MUST be prefixed by [OFFER], [REQUEST], [EXCHANGE], or [BETA TEST] in order to make it easy for people to browse the notices. In addition to that, please state (briefly) WHAT you are needing/offering. Some examples could be:
[OFFER] Mapper needing work.
[REQUEST] Mapper needed.
[EXCHANGE] Offering Code Editing in Exchange For Map Editing.
[BETA TEST] Need testers for XXX Mod. (Please see Beta Test section below.)

Things we do not want to see;
I need people
[REQUEST] I need help
[OFFER] Can i join your team?

We recommend one thread for each mod, for mod makers offering positions. If you have several vacancies on a mod team, post them as blocks in the same message. That way people need read only one thread to see all notices for a team.

Mod Makers Requesting Help:
When seeking help, please be exact and furthermore give a explanation of what kind of mod you are making. This will help people choose what team to "apply" for. This description should include the following:
- What skills exactly do you need for your team
- Thumbnail description of the mod
- In which way you would like to be contacted

Mod Workers Offering Help:
When offering help, please be exact and furthermore give a explanation of what kind of work you are asking for. This will help mod makers fill holes in their teams. This description should include the following:
- What are your skills and experiences
- How much time you are available
- In which way you would like to be contacted

Beta testing
Modmakers may post one request thread for beta testers for any mod in this forum. Modmakers who also host their own forums may choose to request beta testers here, in a mod forum, or both places, but it is a better idea to keep the entire discussion in one place. When a beta test group is filled, the modmaker should ask to have the thread closed by one of the Keep staff. If further testing and/or a larger test group is desired, the thread can always be re-opened.

You may not post topics like "[OFFER] I am available for beta testing". When beta test help is requested, you can apply only once in the same thread. Please note that it is up to the modmaker himself to decide to whom he will give the job. After you have applied, please wait until the modmaker has contacted you. We do not want to see any "PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME" posts, or repeated requests for consideration.

In return ...
Most people mod for fun, some for glory. If you want to offer something in exchange note that your best options are help in another area (where you feel you are good at), credits, beta phase entry and other mod-related goodies. Do not offer money. In an old post it was said "We do it for fun". And one of the modmakers said it even better "I do it for love of the game!"

After you submitted your thread
Wait. Not everyone looks at the keep everyday. If you don't get a response after a month then you can re-post your request (in the same thread preferably!), if the position/offer is still available.

After you have found your partners or in another way solved your problem.
Let people know. Post a closing remark that says you've managed to settle your problem, and notify the moderators of the forum. This one is VERY important. It helps the moderators in keeping the Job Offering Forum current by locking down expired requests or offers. It helps you, so you do not get PMs/Emails about something you dont need, and so that if people sees a vacant spot, then it IS vacant.

Thread Expiry/Inactivity
We will lock down a notice after a month or so of inactivity in any case. If the offer/position is still valid, you can notify a moderator to unlock it, or better yet, update the thread with new information about your offer/request every month. This way people know what you have, and what you have to offer, and you may get a response by telling people more information about your skills or needs.

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