[Request] Legacy of Celestia has four open positions

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[Request] Legacy of Celestia has four open positions

Post by lord_james » Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:19 am

My mod, Legacy of Celestia (LOC) (See my sig or the Grotto) has a number of open positions, four modding and one non-modding. There is a thread for this on the Grotto as well, but very few people go to the Grotto.

Map Editor(s): My ideas for the maps alone could be a mod by themselves, and will require time, effort, new dt1's, and a little code editing. No Ds1 will go unedited. It would be nice to have two or three people join this for this position, with one of them becoming Head Map Editor.

Skill Editor: All classes will have 18 skills per a skill tab and 21 item only skills. I have a few ideas for the skills based on my ideas for the classes, but after that you will have free reign, although I would ask that you run stuff by me and try to fit my classes. The mercs will also have new skills.

Artist: I am looking for an artist to design new game menu screens, skill icons, dt1’s, skill tab backgrounds, item graphics, and anything else that requires somebody that has an art program more advanced than MsPaint on their computer.

Code Editor: Although all code edits will be implemented through D2Mod, I will need somebody to find the necessary edits and create a custom Plugin. This position will probably not have anything to do for a while.

Proofreader: Requires no modding skills. Simply read through my website and fix grammar and spelling errors. A great way to cause migraines and/or make your brain melt/explode/implode. (Malachia29 has applied)

My mod (LOC) is a total conversion (TC). The still unnamed world that it takes place on is all that is left of the ancient world of Celestia, and is now nothing more than a battlefield for the Celestials descendants, the Angels and the Demons. Once, the fight was stopped, but now it has erupted again. Seven questionable heroes have assembled in the ancient CrossRoads Keep, but will they be enough? Only time will tell.

You can contact me by PM.
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Post by DeClineD » Tue Sep 07, 2004 7:46 pm

I haven't heard anything for a over a month so i'm locking this thread down.
If the slots are still free then PM me and i will reopen it.
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